Following on from the success of Evil Santa in 2015, we have decided to run this again, but to also run a children's festival alongside it, so over two days, we will be delighting children and scaring adults, we just hope we don't get the two confused.

We have set the date for the festival to coincide with the annual Christmas Fayre which takes place at the same venue, so the children and young adults will be able to get away from the boredom and watch some great films.

The horror festival, is taking place the night before and will once again include some great horror indie films - we trust you to send us films that will inspire, make us laugh and, of course, scare us silly.

This is taking place at our, now regular, venue as part of the Indieola film festival events and is set to become one of our regular annual events.

1) Submit via FilmFreeway. All screening DVDs submitted must be region two (2) or region zero (0) encoded and in NTSC or PAL format, or Windows Media, Quicktime or MPEG. If possible, send in two copies of your film on DVD. We are happy to view screening copies on FilmFreeway or any of the online video services, or via a link on a site such as Dropbox.

2) Payments made by check for entry fees must be made out to Indieola.

3) Please be sure to send your screener in as soon as possible, but always before the postmark deadline shown on your entry confirmation. Late submissions received after the postmark deadline will be assessed a late submission fee of $15.00 unless waived by the programming director.

4) All entry fees paid are non refundable.

5) Please do not send any promotional materials including press released or postcards. Your film is judged by its quality and your filmmaking abilities, not promotional materials. Press kits are required after acceptance only.

6) Please be sure to enter under the correct category.

7) There are no restrictions on distribution status. There are no requirements or restrictions for premiere status to submit to the festival. Pornography is not permitted under any circumstance; there is a difference between art and pornography. The festival's management has the final say in what is considered inappropriate material.

8) All submission screeners must go through a screening process to qualify for selection. After completing the screening process notification of acceptance will be sent out by email, post or notified by phone.

9) The festival will accept works in progress but the final screener must be received by the festival 30 days prior to the festival should you be selected.

10) As films are selected they are notified of selection and sent to programming for inclusion into the festival film schedule. Filmmakers are notified in the order of selection and not submission dates. Please be patient as your film goes through our screening process. We are unable to reply to all emails asking if your film has been selected or where it is in the screening process.

11) The official exhibition formats for the festival are DVD, Blu-Ray and high quality Windows Media, Quicktime or MPEG.

12) After a film has been selected and the filmmaker is notified, the film will be listed on the festival web site under official selections. Once you are notified please send us by email a promotional photo in JPEG format only and a 25 word film synopsis for inclusion on the festivals web site, additionally, we will require several synopsis of varying lengths. You may also send a web page link to your films web site which will be linked from ours.

14) Remember the promotional picture and synopsis you send us will also be used in the festivals official program. If you do not supply a 25 word synopsis your program listing will only show your title and promotional picture.

15) All entered films grant Indieola a non-exclusive limited use agreement to use film titles or trailers or film posters for festival and film promotional use only including online, print or broadcast media to promote the festival and selected films to the industry and general public. Filmmakers fully retain all rights, title and interest in their films and all intellectual Property.

16) Official selection films must provide their final exhibition copy to the festival programming department 15 days prior to the festival unless using your screener.

17) Please direct all questions or requests to the festival staff. Do not contact the venue directly as they are unable to reply to your requests and are not authorized to accept requests or make decisions, or provide venue information in regards to Indieola.

18) Indieola generally does not accept films with exhibition screening fees, if your film does have screening fees please inform us on your cover letter when you submit your film.

19) Indieola reserves the right to show all films accepted into the festival at another time following the festival as "Best of Indieola" presentation.