CARACASDOC is an international film festival dedicated to the documentary genre in Caracas, Venezuela. It’s 8th edition will take place from november 24 to the 30th, 2021.

This festival is based on an idea that transcends the limits of the documentary, an expanding genre, that from it’s own truth reflects a world filled with different points of view and voices. A genre that always aims forward, to reinvent itself and express human relationships without stereotypes, without following an agenda.

We bet on a clever creation, thoughtful and reflexive, that gives us stylish, thematic and formal visions to think about cinema from different places inside the documentary aspect genre with intentions from their authors, without format limitations, materials or experimentation resources.

The 8th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival, opens its convocation from august 24 to october 6th, 2021, to filmmakers from around the world to submit their feature films and short films, that make up the sections of this 8th edition.

We extend one day. Until October 7 you can send your film!

For more information, please visit our website at

CARACASDOC has three competitive sections: “international”, “national” and “Lux”, the latter is a student competition from film schools around the world.

The prizes are:

Best International Film
Best National Film
Best Student Film
Audience Choice Award

Also, there will be special mentions selected by the jury or sponsors.

The festival will not differentiate length format at the time of the awards.

A film it’s a film!

The 8th edition of the Festival Internacional Cine Documental will take place in Caracas, Venezuela from november 24 to 30th, 2021.

Terms & conditions CARACASDOC 2021:

1- General Conditions

1.1- Eligibility
The submissions are open to venezuelan and international features and short films* completed on or after january 1st 2019 .

The submissions categories won't decide the final scheduling of the 8th festival.

1.2- Sections
The program of the festival will include competitive categories as “international”, “national” and “Lux”; as well as Non-competitives categories (These categories won't be named because scheduling reasons).

The international category consists of feature and international short films that will compete against each other.

The national category consists of feature and international short films that will compete against each other.

The Lux category consists of short films produced by film schools (national and international) that will compete against each other.

1.3- Admissions
Submissions should be made only through digital authorized platforms. After completing the admission form, it will be legally considered as a sworn declaration and testimony of knowledge and acceptance of the festival’s terms.

1.4- Participation
The participation in the Festival means the acceptance of these terms.

No film will be removed from the Festival once sent, received and selected.

Every person associated with the selected films must not make their participation public until we disclose the final schedule.

2- Competitive Categories

2.1- International
For international feature films with formats longer than 40 minutes and short films no more than 40 minutes.

2.2- National
For national feature films with formats longer than 40 minutes and short films no more than 40 minutes.

2.3- Lux
For short films no more than 40 minutes in length produced by Venezuelan and international film schools.

3- Awards

3.1- There are three main awards, one for each category (“international”, “national” and “Lux”). There will be no distinction for the length of the film that wins best international or national film.

3.2- Audience Choice Award for best film documentary, (without distinction between length or nationality).

3.3- Special mentions will be made by the jury or possible sponsors.

4- Materials for the selection process

4.1- Completed registration form on the submissions platform and a movie link for viewing on Vimeo or Youtube.

4.2- The films must be subtitled in spanish or in english.

4.3- If selected, your film must be subtitled in english, following the SRT Format.

5- Selected Films

5.1- Program and catalogue
CARACASDOC required an inscription, properly completed form, for each film on Festival and the following requirements: film synopsis, director's biography and filmography, 4 frames/stills and credits. All information required must be sent as soon as possible, once invitation is accepted to participate in the Festival and before the limit date confirmed on the Festival.

5.2- Summary or extract with promotional purposes
CARACASDOC could be used for fragments of national and international films, with a maximum duration of 3 minutes, with promotional purposes. (The short film extracts used in a promotional manner doesn't exceed the 10% of their maximum duration).

If the film producer doesn’t send the required extracts films, CARACASDOC will use the fragments of the film for promotional purposes itself during the Festival.

5.3- Projection schedule
The film schedule and the schedule/time screening are decided by the CARACASDOC organization.

5.4- Projection formats.
(To be announced).

5.5- Subtitles and languages ( in case of being selected)
The selected films will be screened in its original language version. If the film isn’t in spanish audio, it will be required in english STR format.

6- Acceptance of the terms and conditions

6.1- The participation in the festival implies the confirmation of the bases of the call. Against possible failures outside the rules, the CARACASDOC’s organizers will be analyzed and resolve any hassles.