THE BUREAU OF CREATIVE WORKS is a library of films from award-winning indie filmmakers all over the world.

Our goals are simple, discover and support talented filmmakers and spark a conversation around the importance of indie films.

For us, all filmmaking comes down to a director's ability to correctly anticipate an audience's emotional response. That holds true for filmmakers creating films with a $200 budget or a $2m budget. We respond to films that feel in control, to filmmakers whose unique voice comes through loud and clear in their work.

Selected films join a library of award-winning independent work from filmmakers all over the world.

Guidelines & Requirements

* Rights: Filmmakers must have rights and releases, including music.
* Status: No premiere status required. Non-exclusive.

What We Avoid

Rules are made to be broken; there is no list we follow when looking at your work. Generally speaking, we do not accept promotional pieces (however, it is more than okay if your work is branded), strictly visual pieces (think background visuals to concerts), time-lapse photography, one-minute comedy sketches.

Refund Policy

Please be sure you want your film to be considered for the Bureau library before submitting. Unfortunately, we cannot refund a submission fee once submitted. The fee helps cover the cost and time of consideration and research.

Overall Rating