BSIFF is a not-for-profit festival which seeks to create global connections through film and to help bridge the gap between African cinema and the world.

Focused on the business of film and industry advocacy, the festival is committed to giving you the best development experience and networking opportunities. BSIFF provides the occasion to meet with fellow filmmakers, talents, and distributors, and attend daily workshops and panels designed to broaden your understanding of all aspects of the film industry.

BSIFF’s home is Accra, the capital of Ghana. BSIFF offers cultural experiences to all our festival participants to showcase the wonders of Ghana.

Accra your August!

Categories for submission:

- Documentary

- Feature film: Should be a minimum of 60 min.

- Short Film: Film should be less than 60 min.

- Student Film: This category is set to award student filmmakers thus, the film must be made entirely by students. Evidence of a student card and an email confirmation from a head of department is a must.

- Women in Film: Film must have a predominant female crew. Either the Producer, Director, Cinematographer and/or Writer must be a woman. Any three of the above.
- Animation: An animated film

- Africa Rising: Film that connects to the special story of Africa and stories that highlight special issues peculiar to the continent of Africa.

- The ‘Odehye3’ category: To award the next generation of Ghanaian filmmakers. Films must have predominantly Ghanaian crew. Either the Producer, Director, Cinematographer and/or Writer must be Ghanaian.

In 2017 we offered the YaaAsantewa-UNDP awards; films that promote the values of the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs), with a key focus on economic equity, gender concerns and the environment. These were valued at $3000 each given to 6 winning filmmakers.

BSIFF conducts a dual-prong selection process. Kindly note that should your film enter the second selection phase, you may be requested to send in a hard-copy. This does not indicate the final selection of your film. The process enables a smooth viewing of your film to ensure the best of chances for your film. Your refusal to send in a hard copy may not affect the chances of your film to enter the final selection phase.

To submit your film, kindly send us a URL link - and one DVD copy (optional). The Festival requires that all films in addition to sending a hard-copy, be submitted via a password-protected streaming URL link. Links must remain active and accessible through to September 2018. A downloadable version of the film must be available on the same streaming link (this is important in the event that there is difficulty in streaming your film).

Please prepare this link in advance of beginning your online film entry form. (If you are unable or unwilling to submit your film by URL link, contact the Festival programming team to discuss an alternate method of entry). You may send an email to

All films must have been completed after January 1, 2018.
If your film is selected, you will be required to send in mpeg 4 or DVD copy. DCP is encouraged if you have it.

Note: Submissions may be work-in-progress form; however, films that are not final cuts must be clearly marked Work in Progress (“WIP”) or'Rough Cut' with an indication of what will change or what is missing (e.g., temp sound, Avid output, missing animation, etc.) either indicated in the film cut itself or within the copy display in the streaming link. As long as the streaming link remains the same and password does not change you may update the link with newer cuts as they are available up until the last applicable entry deadline noted above.
In the unlikely event of a password change or link change you must email the Festival immediately with that change so we may update your records. If the Festival is not notified of the change and the link is found to be inactive or the password to be incorrect the Festival will send an email to the submitter’s address on file to follow up. If a response with the correct information is not received within forty-eight (48) hours, the submission may be deemed ineligible. If you have submitted a WIP or rough cut of your film by DVD, the Festival will work with you to facilitate the submission of any updated version(s) up until the last applicable entry deadline noted above.


To be eligible for consideration:

You must fully comply with Entry Rules & Regulations, including all deadlines, film length, entry material and other requirements.

Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.

Narratives must be above 60 minutes


We are happy to announce a subsidized entry fee for this year...

*All physical entry materials received by the Festival WILL NOT be returned and will be DESTROYED or discarded by the Festival. The festival may consider a post back at filmmaker's cost.

Regardless of your method of entry, all entry materials MUST be received by the Festival no later than the applicable deadlines referenced. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any submission, without refund of any kind, if it is not completed in accordance with these Entry Rules and Regulations.

Note: It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your entry is properly submitted


Each film must be individually submitted and accompanied by its own completed online entry form; please do not send links to multiple film entries in your online entry form or compilation DVDs composed of works for separate entries, as any or all of them may be disqualified.

Festival programmers select and invite all films to be presented at BSIFF, with Premiere status considered (see eligibility requirements above). Invited filmmakers will be notified by email or phone via the information provided on the submitted entry form. Make sure to update the Festival with new contact information. the Festival reserves the right to rescind the invitation at anytime without prior notice or obligation to the filmmaker.

If your work is selected, you must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by the Festival:

By submitting your film, you:
(i) accept responsibility for obtaining any and all clearances necessary to exhibit your film at BSIFF
(ii) warrant that you have the rights necessary to exhibit your film at BSIFF
(iii) indemnify and hold harmless the Black Star International festival, its parent company, its affiliates, and subsidiaries and any of their respective directors, officers, employees, and representatives against any claim arising out of exhibition of your film.

You must deliver to the address(es) designated by the Festival:
(i) one (1) exhibition copy (technical specifications must be confirmed by the Festival in advance of the invited work;
(ii) a second exhibition copy, if your film is in competition (to accommodate juror screenings);
(iii) additional exhibition copies, if requested by the Festival (to allow for multiple screenings at more than one venue). We recommend you ship all exhibition copies via courier in order to permit the tracking of your film once it leaves your hands.

The required exhibition formats and delivery date deadlines will be confirmed by the Festival after invitations have been extended and confirmed. Please check in with the Festival staff before creating your Festival exhibition copy or copies to ensure the format and technical specifications are correct.

You must provide a properly completed and signed official BSIFF "Film Information Form” including all press and publication assets as specified in the “Materials Checklist” (the “Film Information Form” and “Materials Checklist” will be provided by the Festival).
You must provide at least one (1) DVD copy or downloadable link of the final, completed film for Festival archives and internal purposes.

Films invited to participate in the BSIFF will be shown in the section determined most appropriate by Festival programmers, in their sole discretion.


Unless otherwise agreed by the Festival in writing, awards will be given to the winning film director (as identified in the Film Information Form) on behalf of the film (except for Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Editing) and will be fulfilled approximately 12-30 weeks after the closing date of the BSIFF.

Award eligibility is subject to any restrictions or conditions imposed by applicable laws and regulations (international, federal, state or otherwise), and the award recipient is responsible for all applicable taxes, customs, tariffs, insurance and similar charges or costs (if any).

A number of our partners include TV stations, distributors and platforms. Please indicate if you would like for your film to be considered for any of the above opportunities and also indicate the rights available

*The above listed awards are from the Black Star International Film Festival, and are subject to change for BSIFF by the Festival in its sole discretion.

All DVDs must be sent to
The BSIFF submissions team
CT9488, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
+233 506481853

Overall Rating
  • Johannes Krug

    Great Festival! Our film DIVINE419 was screened at BSIFF2019 and received the 'Africa Rising Award'. We are very happy and thankful for this! One year earlier we actually shot that film in Accra and during the preproduction the festival was a good platform to network, which helped us in getting cast & crew for the film. As the festival is still young there are a few challenges that will hopefully improve over the years to come. Some suggestions from my side would be to reduce the submission fee for student films, look for further sponsors to support invited filmmakers with their travel and accommodation costs, lower the ticket prices and push the marketing to motivate the Ghanaian audience to attend the screenings in higher numbers, focus more on the films than on the glamour of the opening night or the music concert, etc. Despite the few challenges we are very happy and thankful to have been part of BSIFF and look forward to the next time one of our future projects will be part of the festival again! Vim!

    January 2020
  • Nk'iru. Njoku

    I was unable to attend the festival, however the communication from the BSIFF team was top notch. The warmth, the organisation, I felt all of it through our communication.

    I am truly grateful that my film Oríkì got a chance to be seen at this festival, and that we won the Women In Film award. Hopefully I’ll attend the next one and get a firsthand feel of the warmth.

    September 2019
  • Irina Patkanian

    We couldn't fly to Ghana, but followed the festival online. I am sure it will grow and thrive! Great communication. Great people involved. Great film selection.

    August 2018
  • Christophe Rolin

    Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend but in my opinion it's one of the best festival on the African continent.

    August 2017
  • Giuseppe Valentino

    Sadly I couldn't manage to be in Accra at the Black Star Film Festival. I won an award, the first award the film gets and I'm truly happy. The guys at the festival are great, I felt really valued and respected. Great Festival, great people!

    August 2017