The Black Cat Picture Show is an adjudicated film festival, currently the only one in Augusta, that provides a platform for independent film artists to exhibit their work, exchange ideas, and make connections. We endeavor to produce an event that includes all of the elements we love about film festivals, our event will be swanky but accessible. There will be a catered Film Artists' Reception in the bar of Le Chat Noir August 18th; screenings of official selections will take place throughout the festival dates, August 17-20 in the theatre of Le Chat Noir, and the festival will conclude with an Award Ceremony on August 20th. Film Artists of official selections will receive two invitations to the Friday night Film Artists' Reception, two tickets to the screening block their film will be presented in, and two invitations to the Award Ceremony. Also, they can purchase additional festival tickets in advance and at a discount, and are eligible for discounts at participating hotels.

Our flagship venue, Le Chat Noir, is a 100-seat black box theatre located in downtown Augusta, GA. Like it's namesake, Le Chat Noir is known for bringing professional quality entertainment to the CSRA that previously was not being represented.

We are not a black cat themed film festival. Our theatre name is French for The Black Cat. Yes. We feel the need to clarify that.

Student Category: 1st Place
Cash Award Value: 100 U.S. Dollar

Short Narrative Category: 1st Place
Cash Award Value: 200 U.S. Dollar

Feature Narrative Category: 1st Place
Cash Award Value: 350 U.S. Dollar

Documentary Category: 1st Place
Cash Award Value: 300 U.S. Dollar

Animation Category: 1st Place
Cash Award Value: 150 U.S. Dollar

Viewer's Choice Award
Cash Award Value: 50 U.S. Dollar

Staff Pick
Cash Award Value: 50 U.S. Dollar

Wages of Cine Award: 1st Place

- At this time we can only accept digital submissions. Please do not submit files larger than 2GB and in an .mp4 format. Please make sure your film is set to downloadable and all subtitles are hardcoded into the file.

-Please do not submit your entry unless all requirements can be met. This includes your screener and submission fee. If these requirements are not met your submission will be rejected.

- Films must have been completed after January 1, 2020. Films must be available for screening during the Black Cat Picture Show, August 17-August 21.

- Once an entry payment has been processed we cannot provide a refund. If a payment is disputed, the account holder may be subject to any fees.

- You MUST include your physical address either in your FilmFreeway entry or in your cover letter. Please do not submit a film without giving us your address, which we need for our records.

-Once we have your film it cannot be pulled from the schedule.


- Films must be feature-length narratives, 41 minutes or longer.

- Films must be short narratives of 40 minutes or less.

- Films must be short narratives of 40 minutes or less.
- Open only to students (must include proof of enrollment from
accredited university or college).
-Can NOT enter same film into student and non-student.
- The film must be the work of a current student or completed
during the time the filmmaker was a student.

- Films must be Documentaries.

- Films must be Animation

A juried film festival open to any filmmaker. Submissions approved through the first round of adjudication will be screened during the festival and recognized as an “Official Selection of the Black Cat Picture Show.” The second round of adjudication will be of the official selections and will be awarded in their respective categories. In addition to the awards given we will also be recognizing:

- Viewer's Choice (Popular vote amongst the viewers by ballot)
- Wages of Cine (Best of the Worst, chosen by local production company, Wages of Cine, they have a taste for the tasteless)
-Staff Pick

Films that have been officially selected for screening will receive: two comp tickets for the Filmmakers Reception, two tickets to the screening block their film will be presented in, & two tickets to the award ceremony. Film Artists of official selections will also be allowed to purchase additional tickets to any screening block in advance and at a discount.

Overall Rating
  • Crystal Kwok

    Thank you Black Cat for creating space and recognizing untold stories! It was an honor for Blurring the Color Line to be a apart of your festival.

    September 2022
  • It's my honor to be at this festival! Thank you so much!!

    September 2022
  • Massimo Soto

    Terrific film festival. Honored to be among such great filmmakers. Duane was helpful communicating festival details. I didn’t get to stay for the reception, but the networking between films was fun. Very well organized event and thoughtful Q&A for each filmmaker. I’m looking forward to submitting my next film next year!

    August 2022
  • I absolutely adored the Black Cat Picture Show. Really beautiful, high quality films were shown and they made us filmmakers feel like total rock stars. Very well organized from start to finish; welcoming staff and volunteers, excellent drinks and catering...everything came together to make a really enjoyable experience. Highly recommend!

    August 2022
  • Black Cat Picture Show was ome of the most well organized and friendly film festivals Ive attended. A lot of the films were impressive and I was enjoying myself almost all the way through. I could tell the people behind the scenes really care to bring the sense of community into the town. I left really surprised and looking forward to next year. (PS: the food was fantastic)

    August 2022