1) festival-competition of creative people, themes of works, which are related to the subjects of travel;
2) this is a competent assessment of the work of an international jury;
3) master classes and creative meetings from professionals on the topics of arts and tourism.
The festival’s mission is to support audiovisual and photographic art, revealing the theme of travel; the popularization of tourism.

Our festival was established in Ukraine in 2018 by a team of young artists and audiovisual art professionals that are in love with traveling. Thousands of artists from 102 countries of the world have taken part in the festival since it was established. The winners were the guests of Kharkiv city and took part in the final of the festival.
On the 24th of February, a full-scale war was started in Ukraine by the aggressor- country - Russian Federation. It means that millions of people in Ukraine that are surviving under the crossfire, don't have any opportunity to travel, dream, create, do sports, live without fear, or enjoy the beauty of our infinitely wonderful world!

Also, your every film, every photo that you will send to take part
at our festival, will be a sincere message to all people on Earth -


For many people who remain in the war zone, where the transport infrastructure is destroyed, the bicycle is the only means of transportation and the only means of travel. A bicycle is a symbol of freedom for these people!
That is why in the final part of our festival it is planned to hold a charitable online cycling marathon, in which everyone from any corner of the world will be able to participate.

Winner of the Grand Prix, winners in each category and finalists will receive diplomas, monetary reward and gifts of the festival.
Official sponsors of the festival can also make recommendations for special awards.
The best works can be shown on the big screen as part of the summing up of the festival and online broadcasting on the YouTube channel of the festival.

§1. Applicants

For each film, the applicant is required to fill out an online entry form via FilmFreeway ( The online application should contain additional materials: the director’s photograph; still images from the film (min. 300 dpi). The submitted work must be in the final edited version. Unfinished films will not be taken into consideration.
Applications can be submitted by marketing and communication professionals from corporations and public relations agencies, services, the public sector (ministries, public institutions, etc), film producers and filmmakers, production companies, multimedia companies, TV stations and students. Filmmakers from any country may enter the festival and are encouraged to attend the screenings. Participants from any country can take part in the festival. Exceptions: works from authors from the aggressor country and countries that support its terrorist actions are not accepted for participation in the festival. They also can't take part in the cycling marathon.

The authors, whose works will be represented by the jury and members of the Organizing Committee, will receive special invitations to participate in the festival until September 10, 2022.
Participation in the Festival, and its film submission process, implies acceptance, without reservation, of the terms of the present regulations. An entry form is valid without a signature and a seal.

§2. Deadline

The deadline for entries to the edition of the KHARKIV INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND TRAVEL is September 15, 2023.

§3. The Competition Categories

1) ROAD MOVIE (a feature film about the journey).
Timing: up to 60 minutes;

2) DRONE VIDEO (video taken with the help of drone technology).
Timing: up to 10 minutes;

3) TRAVEL DOCUMENTARY (documentary captured as a result of travel; travel blogs, TV-show).
Timing: up to 60 minutes;

4) TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (documentary travel photos).
Number of competitive photos from one participant: up to 5.

5) PROMO VIDEO (video that presents the country, city, town, travel object, etc.).
Timing - up to 20 minutes.

6) NATIONAL PROGRAM (video created by Ukrainians about Ukraine that presents the country, city, town, travel attractions, traditions etc.).
Timing - up to 60 minutes.

The organizing committee of the Festival and The Jury may change the category of the submitted film.

§4. Themes of works

- Country, region, city;
- culture and traditions;
- tourism, ecotourism, landscape.

§5. Media Format

Preferred format to receive and screen films is 04:09 PM ratio PAL format, preferred export settings for Quicktime files are Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) at HDTV 1920x1080 square pixels. Audio 48kHz, 24-bit discrete channel or 44.1kHz and 16-bit stereo.
The format of the photographs provided is JPEG (with the highest quality of compromise), TIFF. Processed images must be accompanied by a source RAW file for technical expertise.
If the expansion is insufficient to maintain the proper quality of the exhibition press, it is not recommended to “stretch” it with the help of editing programs - in case work gets into the final, such processing will be carried out under the guidance of the Technical Expert of the festival.
Competitive works and copyrights to them belong exclusively to the persons who provide them, the organizers are not responsible for copyright infringement by participants. The organizers reserve the right to use the best works for further exhibitions and publications as part of events related to the competition with the preservation of copyrights. Photos that have passed the competitive selection for the exhibition will be printed in size 30x45cm.
The best works and the work of the winners will be demonstrated at the final photo exhibition.
Official languages of the Festival are Ukrainian and English. If the film is not in Ukrainian or English, we urge you to send a subtitled film in one of these two languages.
Without these elements in profile FilmFreeway aplication won’t be considered valid and completed:
- name, surname,
- age,
- city, country,
- email,
- link in social network
- short biography.

If deadlines aren’t observed or online demands aren’t completed properly the organizing committee of the Festival has the right not to consider the application.

§6. Jury

The international Jury is formed of experts in filmmaking, tourism, mass media specialists and travelers. The jury is chaired by the Chairman.
The decision of the jury is not subject to appeal. The jury members do not give any explanation about their decision and do not accept any claims.
Attention! The jury reserves the right not to consider work that does not meet the requirements of the festival, work of low professional quality or with copyright infringement.

§7. Promotion & Publicity

The content sent by the applicants should not infringe any intellectual property rights of third persons. The applicant guarantees, by submitting one's work for the Festival, that should there appear any claims, questions, issues regarding the ownership of submitted work or its parts, the applicant is solely responsible to resolve any of such claims, questions and issues at one's own expense. The Festival and its organizers are indemnified from any claims regarding intellectual property submitted by applicants.
The festival has the right to use advertising material (press, posters, personnel, etc.) after the official selection. The applicant gives the Festival the right to fully copy the recording to facilitate the technical operations of the Festival in any format, including for the media. The festival has the right to use all materials related to the celebrations within the framework of the festival program, as well as an excerpt from the film (up to 10 percent of the total length of the film, which will not exceed more than 3 minutes) for advertising purposes.
The movie screening schedule will be determined by the ArtTravel Organizing Committee.
All participants who submitted the application grant the right to demonstrate the film at the Festival. By submitting images / photographs, the copyright holder gives permission to the Festival to use these images to promote the festival and documentary purposes. The copyright for these images and films will always remain with the copyright holder. The organizing committee has the right to demonstrate the audiovisual works of the participants at open screenings of the festival.
The festival has the right to use all materials related to the celebrations within the framework of the festival program, as well as an excerpt from the film (up to 10 percent of the total length of the film, which will not exceed more than 3 minutes) for advertising and documentary purposes.

§8. Contacts

Overall Rating
  • Kathleen Krenitsky

    Truly a pleasure and honor to take part and lend support to this amazing festival, especially considering the tenuous position the Ukrainian populace unwittingly find themselves in. I happily offer my continued support….

    October 2022
  • Dazhi Huang

    Wonderful communication from a professional and resilient programming team. I'm beyond grateful!

    October 2022
  • Ale Amendola

    Thank you so much for the "Nature Dreams" award and for the opportunity! Very receptive and kind team, very good communication! Thank you for all the support!

    October 2022
  • Alexander York

    Greetings! I am delighted and honored to have taken part in this year's photograph competition, and won a 'Finalist' certificate, thank you!
    Also thank you for your communications. Certainly, I will be in touch for follow on events next year. As I really hope to return to your city anytime soon!
    Meanwhile, keep well, stay safe. Slava Ukraini! All best - Alex.

    October 2022
  • Thanks for selecting my film. A wonderful experience, I look forward to the next one. Excellent communication, clearly run by professionals! Highly recommend it. Congratulations to all festival team.

    October 2020