This film fest was created to celebrate genre films of all kinds that tend not to have too many outlets on the festival circuit. Being filmmakers ourselves, we know the work that goes into making a film so our entry fees are low and we have a lot of rewards to give out. We are a film fest made by and for filmmakers.

Best Horror Fim
Best Dark Comedy
Best Sci-Fi Film
Best Grindhouse Film
Best Martial Arts Film
Best MindFuck Film
Best Fantasy Film
Best Actor in a Horror Film
Best Actor in a Sci-Fi Film
Best Actor in a Dark Comedy
Best Actor in a Grindhouse Film
Best actor in a Martial Arts Film
Best Actor in a Mindfuck Film
Best Actress in a Horror Film
Best Actress in a Sci-Fi Film
Best Actress in a Dark Comedy
Best Actress in Grindhouse Film
Best Actress in a Martial Arts Film
Best Actress in a Mindfuck Film
Best Cinematography
Best Special Effects
Best Director
Best Screenplay
Best Costume Design
Best Monster or Creature
Best Score
Best Short Film
Best Horror Short
Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Fantasy Short
Los Angeles Genre Films
Best Grindhouse Short
Best Martial Arts Short
Best Mindfuck Short

All films submitted remain property of copyright holder.
No films will be screened without filmmaker permission.
All films must be made after 2018
All promotional materials will not be returned.
All Submissions should be in English or have English Subtitles.

Overall Rating
  • Michael Coulombe

    This was my second time at the festival. Edward is a gracious host and easy to work with. The festival is quaint but well attended AND the fees are extremely much that I just submitted films for the third time. Thank you Edward!

    March 2019
  • This is one awesome festival! Go ahead and submit your project

    February 2019
  • Jak Gavriel

    Oh how I wish I could've attended this event! The festival director communicated with me in every possible way on how my short film could be presented & viewed in the best conditions. Much thanks!

    August 2018
  • Brian Carmody

    A fun sometimes freakish film fest with a lot of promising talent!

    March 2018
  • Nate Kincy

    It was awesome experience to have my film shown at neat location. Organizer and staff were great!

    February 2018