ATTENTION: This is a thematic film festival about friendship/amity. Please read the regulations before submission. There is no entry fee for Turkish Film to all category.

The International Amity Short Film Festival intends to share with the audience all sorts of film forms that points directly or indirectly to the relationship between humanity and the universe that focuses on friendship. In the broadest sense, by using one of the most effective form of the contemporary arts—cinema, we would like to create an awareness about the concept of “Friendship” through various conferences, interviews, workshops, competitions, and film screenings within the festival with the purpose of rereading, rethinking, and multiplying its reflections in our lives.


IASFF is a competitive Short Film Festival with trophies and cash awards in different categories finalised by the festival juries.

A) Main Competition

1.Best Short Film (Trophy + Cash Prize)
2.Special Jury Award (Trophy + Cash Prize)
3.Mention (Trophy)
4. Post Production Award
Fono Film Post-Production Award for a Turkish Film (Trophy+Post-production Support Award)

B) Humanitarian Eye to Palestine-Competition
Mahmoud Darwish Friendship Award (Trophy + Cash Prize)


In the fast consumption era we live in, we are at a time in which friendship, sincerity, gratitude, loyalty, and generosity are increasingly losing value. We are organizing the International Amity Short Film Festival with the purpose of thinking about friendship and multiplying its effects in our lives.

Any kind of short film form that directly or indirectly mentions the concept of friendship can apply to our festival. There is a need for different and unique perspectives in the age of the individualization and loneliness. We are inviting all the short film applicants that are up for rebuilding friendship in the short film language.

Film Acceptance Date: 12.07.2024
Application Deadline: 23.08.2024
Festival Dates (Event Dates) : 04.09.2024 - 07.09.2024


1. All the fictional, animation, and experimental short films that directly or indirectly points to the concept of “Friendship” and are made on and after 01.01.2022 can be submitted to the Main Competition section. Films must be under 20 minutes including credits. English subtitles are necessary.

2. All the short films and documentaries which points to the friendship of Palestine or conflicts that Palestinian have like occupation, nakba-catastrophe, resurrection, holocaust and etc. may apply to Humanitarian Eye to Palestine - Competition Section. Films those are made on and after 01.01.2013 can be submitted to this section. Films must be under 30 minutes including credits. English subtitles are necessary.

3. Documentaries, Experimental, video-art and fictional short films that are not complying with competition regulations will be reviewed in the ''Forty Years of Gratitude Section. Films must be under 30 minutes and year of production for the films is not important. The theme of this section is parallel to the festival’s main concern ‘friendship’. Any kind of films that directly or indirectly points to the concept of friendship will be reviewed under this section. English subtitles are necessary.

4.Applicants may apply with more than one film. However, one applicant can get only one award.

5. The application is open for filmmakers from all ages and nationalities.

6. Films that are previously participated and/or received awards in national or international film festivals are eligible for the festival.

7.. Films that were submitted previously to International Amity Short Film Festival cannot be resubmitted.

8.Films that are broadcasted on any national or international network, put on the market in BluRay, DVD, and VCD formats, showed in digital platforms and VOD cannot apply for the competition; however, they can participate in the Forty Years of Gratitude section.

9. Filmmakers can submit their film by film freeway platform. For the Iranian filmmakers or who doesn't have access to film-freeway or credit card. You can e-mail to
10. The Festival Committee has the right to use a one-minute long section of the selected films for promotional purposes.
11. After the announcement of the films selected for competition and non-competition sections, the filmmakers cannot withdraw their films from the festival.
12. If the film crews of all the eligible films are invited to the award ceremony, it is mandatory at least for one person (director, actors, cinematographer etc.) to participate in the award ceremony. The award is primarily presented to the director; however, if the director is not available, it is presented to a person from the film crew who is acting as the representative of the director.
13. The producers of the films that is short-listed must have solved all kind of copyright problems regarding music, script, directing etc. If the film has multiple legal holders, it must be listed in the application. The Festival Committee may request the necessary permissions, copyrights, and certificate of consent documents.
14. The Festival Committee does not disclose the list of the applicant films in favor of legal holders and does not give information about the applicant films. The festival only shares the list of films with public that are in the screening category.
15. Filmmakers that are eligible to participate in the festival will be obliged to deliver the following materials and documents within 7 days after their names are announced to the address that the Festival Committee would provide.
• An English subtitled copy of the film in HD format (preferably .mov or .mp4) as a digital file (via disc or Internet file transfer)
• English time coded dialogue list for non-Turkish movies
• 3 high resolution film stills as JPG
• A high resolution photo of the director
• Synopsis in Turkish and English (max. 100 words)
• Credits
A short biography of the director in Turkish and English (max. 100 words)
Director’s statement in Turkish and English ( max. 100 words)
16. The Festival Committee reserves the right to exclude films that do not have necessary technical specifics for the screening.
17. All films shown during the festival will be archived as part of the International Amity Short Film Festival. If it is deemed necessary, it can be shown on various platforms to contribute and support short film production without a commercial purpose.
18. Members of the pre-selection jury, main jury, the festival committee, and their first-degree relatives cannot apply to the competition.
19. The Festival Committee reserves the right to amend the regulation when it is necessary. The decision-making authority regarding the matters that are not stated in the regulation is the festival committee.


1. The Festival Committee chooses the members of the pre-selection and the main jury among the national-international film critics, academicians, cinema industry, and well-established members of the culture and art scene.

2. Pre-selection jury watches the submitted films until the second week of September 2024, meet within the same month, and delivers the list of the films that are qualified to compete and to be screened to the Festival Committee.

3. The films that evaluated by the pre-selection committee and qualified to participate in the festival will be announced on the festival’s official web site and festival’s social media accounts on September. No announcement will be made regarding the films that are not qualified for competition or screening.

Overall Rating
  • Nice Film Festival... Çok iyi bir festivaldi

    January 2023
  • Jesús Soria

    Very nice people and festival.
    Our director was invited during the festival. She could make a lot of contacts with may other directors from very different countires.
    100% recommeded festival!

    January 2023
  • Galina Fesenko

    Great film festival! Very friendly and hospitable! The organizers paid for the flight and hotel accommodation for the film director. The director was constantly accompanied by volunteers. It's very nice. The films at the film festival were very strong and interesting! We are very glad that our film was among the winners and received a beautiful trophy and a cash prize. Thank you very much!

    January 2022
  • So happy to have been part of this festival. It was really well organised, lovely selection of films, and every effort to ensure filmmakers could navigate the city and festival events and communicate effectively despite language barriers.

    December 2021
  • Samhar Rahim

    It was an honor to be part of this Festival. We enjoyed it a lot. The communication was great—a well-organized Festival.

    December 2021