"0+" International film festival is aimed at:
1. promotion and popularization of high-quality films, which foster a positive, creative and formative worldview in children and young people, strengthen common human values like family, childhood, friendship, kindness, nature, love for a profession, etc.
2. integration of cinema and education by creating a collection of value-oriented films for carrying out educational screenings in schools and social institutions of Russia.

Winners of the festival receive beautiful crystal statuettes depicting a Family Tree and 0+ symbol.

The Festival invites films, which foster positive, formative and life-asserting worldview of children and young people:
• are focused on strengthening common human values: family, friendship, childhood, understanding between people, talents and creativity, nurture and education, value of life, concern for nature, love for a profession, etc.
• put forward such human qualities as kindness, friendliness, cheerfulness, care, diligence, generosity, humor, intelligence.
• propose innovative and effective cases and solutions of the tasks in the spheres of society, culture, ecology, nurture and education, politics, economics, technologies, etc.

The festival doesn’t consider films which visualize destructive meanings and scenes regarding:
• human personality: suffering, psychological disorder, suicidal thoughts, alcohol and drugs addiction, etc.
• family, interpersonal relationships, social affairs: scandals, betrayals, violence, unresolved conflicts and dramas, careless attitude towards one another, crimes, wars, etc.
• environment: disrespectful attitude to the nature, plant life, wildlife, planet in general.

The International competition program invites:

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 60 mins

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 60 mins

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 3 to 40 mins

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 3 to 40 mins

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 3 to 100 mins

Year of production: 2019-2023
Duration: from 3 to 40 mins

The non-competition program invites:

• feature and short films, documentaries, and animated films of any duration and year of production, which correspond to the festival criteria.

If the original language of the submitted films is not English, English subtitles are required.

One applicant can submit 3 films at maximum. The films which were selected to the previous editions of the festival cannot participate in the competition program of the 9th Zero Plus film festival. Please note that the festival is Non-Commercial.

Overall Rating
  • Sami Natsheh

    Very nice festival, many thanks to all team and see you in next editions!!

    October 2022
  • It's a great Festival . very well organised and the content of the festival is superb. All the Festival departments deserve A++.My film Prashna (Question) was selected for the 9th Zero Plus International Film Festival , Tyumen, Russia. I got superb audience and overall excellent experience. Life Time Memorable . I would like to thank festival Director , Selection Committee, Jury and each and every person associated with the festival ...Thank You very Much ..

    October 2022
  • Bojan Dakić

    A rare and unique family film festival.
    I am glad that our film was a part of it.
    Wonderful people and great experience.

    October 2022
  • Ivan knyazev

    Thank you for this unique opportunity

    October 2022
  • David -Lynx Potskhishvili

    It's a great festival and we had a great experience 👍

    October 2022