Zagori Fiction Days Festival is a competition focused on television pilot episodes which are based on novel literary adaptations. Very specific, yes. But we believe that there is a need for better television programs in Europe. This year, we will be running two competitions:

1) Screenwriting contest
We are looking for words written on scripts: adaptations of books, myths or short stories; inspired by books, shorts or any other kind of tales. The written work should be between 15-60 pages.

2) In honour of silent tv era, we want to invite all music composers to create a musical piece that would potentially be a nice accompaniment to the following series:

La Maison du mystère The House of Mystery / La Maison du mystère (France/ 1922).

Specifically, episode 1 "L'Ami félon / The Unfaithful Friend"

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La Maison du mystère /The House of Mystery) is a French silent serial film directed by Alexandre Volkoff based on a Jules Mary's novel, for the Albatros film company. It was made during 1921 and 1922 and was first shown in 1923. It was co-written by and starred Ivan Mosjoukine.

Julien Villandrit is the owner of the estate of Les Basses-Bruyères and its textile factory, where the manager is his childhood friend Corradin. Julien marries his neighbour Régine, unaware that Corradin also loves her. Julien is sent to gaol for a murder actually committed by Corradin. The only witness to the truth is the woodsman Rudeberg and Corradin buys his silence by paying for the education of his son Pascal. Julien's struggle to clear his name and to rescue Régine and their daughter Christiane from Corradin's scheming extends over many years and faces many setbacks.

The titles of the ten parts of the movie serial were:
Episode 1: L'Ami félon (Unfaithful Friend).
Episode 2: Le Secret de l'étang.
Episode 3: L'Ambition au service de la haine.
Episode 4: L'Implacable Verdict.
Episode 5: Le Pont vivant.
Episode 6: La Voix du sang.
Episode 7: Les Caprices du destin.
Episode 8: Champ clos.
Episode 9: Les Angoisses de Corradin.
Episode 10: Le Triomphe de l'amour.[3]

The competition will be part of Zagori Fiction Days an international encounters meeting concentrated on a "books into tv series" forum that will host numerous events including screenings, meetings, workshops and seminars.

The two finalists will receive a public appraisal for their work on the last ngiht of the Festival along with:

1st finalist - prize of 500 euro
2nd finalist - an honorary medal

 Entrants should authorise ZFD to have access to their work on Vimeo, Youtube or DailyMotion.
 Awards and Official Selections are based on overall merits and are at the sole discretion of the jury and programming committee
 The preselection and selection ZFD committee' and jury's decisions are final.
 Writers & composers selected will be contacted by ZFD two weeks prior to the screenings.
 Writers & composers selected will assume eventual shipping costs of off-line screening copy and promotional material to the ZFD
 Please do not send press kits. If your work is selected ZFD will contact you if we need press materials.
 All responses by ZFD will be made by email.
 By submitting your work to ZFD you agree that you have read, understood, and agree to all the afore mentioned rules and guidelines.