Zanzibar Film and Television Awards is a truly Zanzibar Talents brand, rooted in Zanzibar but with links across the continent and beyond. For brands looking to create support based on a home-grown solution that speaks to the identity and culture of not just Zanzibar, but the continent, home is the best place to start.

The Zanzibar Film and Television Awards (ZAFTA) is an all-Zanzibar Awards whose mission is to encourage excellence in Zanzibar Film and Television by providing a platform for inspiration, creative development and collaboration across the entire industry. One of the aims of the Academy is stimulation of original and creative production work, and the encouragement of excellence through recognition, education and leadership in film and television.

ZAFTA has a Membership of approximately 50 individuals across 5 Countries. The Academy programmes over 6 learning and networking events annually for Members, including masterclasses, panel discussions, lectures, Q&A, ‘In Conversation With...’, screenings, workshops, and more.
The Awards – are annual Awards initiated by ZAFTA that seeks to tell Zanzibar stories by Zanzibar talents to both the African and International Market. It will showcase our unique socio-economic, environmental and cultural diversities and heritages that will help create economic sustainability for the Zanzibar youth and the host country at large.

ZAFTA is set to convene 1 annual edition from 25 – 27 May 2023.The Awards will comprise of five (5) events, including Film screenings, Contents market, live performance, workshops, forum, as well as the large-scale indoor and outdoor venues (Forodhani Garden, Marumaru Hotel, Nungwi, Makunduchi for Unguja Island. Micheweni, Chake Chake for Pemba Island. It creates a platform for a variety of different audiences to engage in global contents, cultures, including film professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, local audiences in Tanzania, government officials etc.

PRESIDENT AWARD This Award for film/story tells about Blue Economy

KARUME AWARD This is Award for film talks about culture, history and Fluent Kiswahili Language

MAALIM SEIF AWARD This is Award for film/story tells about Motivation, Reconciliation, Peace and Unity

CHILDREN AWARD This is an Award for films/tory talks about sexual harassment, sexual abuse, globalization, and violation of children right
MEDIA AWARD This is an Award for film/story tells about Climate Change and freedom of Press

BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR This is an Award for film/story tells about Tourism Promotion

BEST FILM OF THE YEAR This is an Award for best film in Zanzibar

BEST FILM OF EAST AFRICA This is an Award for best film in East Africa

BEST STORYTELLER AWARD This is an Award for Photographer/Journalist

BEST DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR This is an Award for Zanzibar Film /Program director
BEST ACTOR OF THE YEAR This is an Award for Zanzibar Actor

BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR This is Award for Zanzibar Actress

BEST ONLINE MEDIA OF THE YEAR This is an Award for Zanzibar digital online (TV, Newspaper, blogs etc)

Rules & Terms
By submitting your film, you agree to the following Rules & Terms:

– We are mainly looking for films that have been produced 2021 and brand new (2021 & 2023)

– A MAIN category must be selected for each submission,

– All non- Kiswahili/English films must have English/Kiswahili subtitles in order to be judged,

– You are providing Zanzibar Film and Television Awards nonexclusive limited license to use segments of your film (including trailers/film posters/press kits/teasers) for promotional purposes,

– No Entry fees ,

– The jury decides which nomination the film/ content receives.

– Judging decisions are final,
– We accept in the event MP4, MKV, live stream etc etc or other professional format.

– Entrants confirm and warrant that they have the required legal authority to use all music, images, and content in the entry submitted,


– Amateur videos.

– Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations.

– Pornography.

– Films with a poor production standard (bad picture, poor quality, bad sound, lack of subtitles/captions for non- Kiswahili/English films, video resolution lower than 1080p HD).

– We don’t accept scripts.

– We don’t accept excerpts/scenes from films: you must submit the entire film.

– False not real datas or names


By submitting your film, take note that: Zanzibar Film and Television Awards is hereby granted the rights to utilize an excerpt (trailer/teaser/poster/stills) from any film submitted for promotional purposes. The films will not be available online. Multiple entries are allowed for each filmmaker and each entry may be submitted to multiple categories. If we think the categories submitted are not to a standard of the Zanzibar Film and Television Awards, they will be removed. The Competition reserves the right to refuse entries and the Jury can remove a movie from the competition at any time.

The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for possible screening (private and/or public) and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.
By submitting your film, you acknowledge you have read, understood and accepted all rules and regulations.

Festival requirements

DURATION - Classification is done based on the below:
• Short films – Less than 45 minutes
• Feature Films - More than 45 minutes
• Documentary – No duration

Submission Form
Title of the movie in Kiswahili: _______________________________________________________________________

Title of the movie in English : _______________________________________________________________________
Run Time : _____________________________________________________________________
Swahili Dubbed : Yes _____________________ No ______________
Whether subtitled in English or not: ______________________________________________
Region of origin : ____________________________________________________________
Year of Production: ______________________ Date of Completion: ____________________
Category : Feature Film _________ Short Film________ Documentary_________ Animation_______
Directors Name: __________________________________Region: __________ _____
Producer’s Name: __________________________________Region: _______________

The film has participated in any competition and won award(s)? If so, give details:



1. Name of the Director:
Email & Mobile number:

2. Name of the Lead Actor
Email and Mobile Number

3. Name of the lead Actress
Email and mobile number

4. Name of the Screen play writer:
Email and mobile number

5. Name of the Editor
Email and mobile number

6. Name of the music composer
Email and mobile number

7. Name of the Camera man
Email and mobile number


1. Teasers Yes No
2. Posters Yes No
3. Still images Yes No

Short Summary of the film in English & Kiswahili (Please attach)