We don't just crave entertainment or escape, we want our lives changed forever by the magical world of Cinema.
My name is Yvonne Lucrezia Condrau, and I am a Drama/Romance Screenwriter who has written a fifteen-time Award-winning Feature Screenplay "A Scottish Gem" for Best Unproduced/Adapted Feature Screenplay 2023 at the New Wave International Script & Film Festival, the Star International Film Festival, Critic's Choice Award at the Switzerland Film Fest & Screenplay Competition, Best Female Protagonist at the 2022 City of Angels Women's Film Festival, Best Unproduced Feature Screenplay at SIFF, Sweden, FDIFF 4th Dimension, Hollywood International Golden Age Festival, Hollywood Blood Horror Festival (Drama), Rome International Movie Awards, Hollywood on the Tiber, New Jersey Film Awards and New York Neorealism Film Awards, a 2023 Silver Award at the New York Movie Awards, a Bronze Award at Depth of Field International Film Festival, Nominee at International Brightlight Film Festival, Finalist at Humro Cinema Film Fest (01-2024), at Reno Tahoe Screenplay Contest, at London Independent Story Prize (LISP) and Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, Paris, France, Semi-Finalist at the Edinburgh Film Awards (01-2024), the New York International Women Festival and Austin International Art Festival, Quarter-Finalist at Sunvale Screenplay Contest (01-2024), at Reno Tahoe Screenplay Contest, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards and Miami Screenplay Awards, Official Selection at Oxford Script Awards (01-2024), 8 & Halfilm Awards and Hollywood Gold Awards.
I wrote and hold the exclusive copyright on my adapted Feature Screenplay, “A Scottish Gem," which is based on a compelling, inspirational, and true story by my friend, Michele M. Rodger's published novel.
You can read my interviews from the 8 And HalFilm Awards on WILD FILMMAKER: https://wildfilmmaker.com/yvonne-lucrezia-condrau/ and on the website of LISP, London Independent Story Prize.
You can listen to my Podcast interview at www.susannemueller.biz/ Susanne Mueller, Executive business coach, and take it from the Ironwoman invited me for an interview to be part of her Podcast series.
New York University, New York, NY
Advanced Screenplay Writing
New York University, New York, NY
Bachelor's Degree in Office Supervision and Management
Business School of Commerce Lucerne, Switzerland
Graduated with certified diploma in Management, Business, Languages
Birth Date
May 25
Swiss Miss
Birth City
Zurich, Switzerland
Current City
Fort Myers, FL
Lucerne, Switzerland
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
2 Stepchildren
Yvonne has as a vivid imagination since childhood. Her talent and passion will hold everyone spellbound by her amazing talent of what?
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau
We don't just crave entertainment or escape, we want our lives changed forever by the magical world of Cinema.
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