YOUKI, the International Youth Media Festival, takes place every autumn in Wels, Austria.

YOUKI focuses on presenting the work of young filmmakers and media artists to the world. We try to create space for all those who have not yet had the chance to present their work and to network in the media scene. Our festival is a colorful place to exchange ideas, make new friends and have fun with films, music and workshops. We also offer a wide range of educational opportunities in the field of film and media literacy for children, young adults, schools and businesses. As a vivid communication platform for the advancement of media culture, YOUKI may be described as a comprehensive and passionate celebration of media.

The festival's International Film Competition is in the center of YOUKI’s activity - it annually showcases outstanding short films from directors all over the globe, aged between 13 and 27 years. This makes YOUKI one of Austria's biggest up-and-coming media festivals with an international as well as regional focus. The competition is divided in three age groups, all of the chosen films will be shown in film programs over the festival. Our 2023 selection included 79 films from 34 countries from all over the world, from all the continents (with the exception of Antarctica).

YOUKI is made by a close-knit team of young people at various stages of their professional experiences. Our unique approach includes a mission to learn from each other, to educate them as well as our audiences and draw attention to inclusion practices that are the building stone of YOUKI. Since 2021 the festival employs a trigger warning system for the audiences, specifically designed by its team of film programmers. Special attention is brought to the selection of films to ensure the program reflects our representation policies - we want to grow together with our filmmakers and audiences in mind, as well as be a part of the positive change we envision happening when we promote inclusion, dialogue and sensibility through the cinematic media that, we believe, should reflect our ever changing global world.

Additionally, YOUKI is dedicated to bringing the interested public - especially the local school children and students in the area - in contact with young professionals working in film, art and other media. Various workshops on theory and practice in film, print media, radio and internet, curated special programs like the discursive “Breakfast Club”, the literature evening with guest authors as well as concerts, parties and much more are taking place during the festival week.

An international jury of five, consisting of filmmakers, critics, actors, festival directors etc., awards three prizes for three different age groups (13–17/18–22/23–27). The jury will also award the Austrian Award to the best Austrian film in the competition.
The Audience Award is of course chosen by our audiences.

° Main Award Age Category 13 - 17 years (€ 700)
° Main Award Age Category 18 - 22 years (€ 1100)
° Main Award Age Category 23 - 27 years (€ 1500)
° Heart <3 Award (€ 700)
° Austrian Award (€ 600)
° Audience Award (€ 500)

IMPORTANT: Due to our festival's focus on young filmmakers, we will disqualify any submission without information about the age of the director(s)/filmmaker(s)!
The same goes for submissions that selected more than one age category.

If you have any questions contact us at:
The Password required for the submission can be found on our website.

This is an agreement between you (the “submitter”)
Media Space - Verein zur Förderung von Medienkultur
Pollheimerstraße 17, 4600 Wels, ZVR: 579621382
responsible for the festival “YOUKI International Youth Media Festival”
(“the festival”, “YOUKI”, “we”, “us” in the following text)

2.1 Short Films
There are no limits regarding the country of production, the director’s/producer’s nationality or the genre of the film.
2.1.1 Filmmaker’s age
At the time the film was finished the director of the film was up to 27 years old.
If the film was made by a group/school class/ect., the average age of the group has to be up to 27 years at the time the film was finished. When submitting the film the accurate age category has to be picked and the information about the age of the filmmaker(s) has to be provided in the profile or film description. (Keep in mind: the age of the director/filmmaker counts, not the age of the submitter: the age of the submitter is not relevant.)
2.1.2 Length
The film length is 20 minutes or less.
2.1.3 Year of production
The film was finished in the previous year of the current call. This means the last valid possibility for completion date of films is January 1st, 2023.
2.1.4 Re-Submissions
Films that have been submitted to previous editions of YOUKI will not be accepted.
2.1.5 Language
If the film has dialogue or text, English subtitles have to be provided. That also includes German as well as English language productions.

3.1. All submitted films will be viewed by a team of film programmers. From all the submissions around 60 films will be shown in the official competition program.
3.2. When the film has been selected the text “Official Selection YOUKI 2024” can be used for advertising purposes. The logo/laurels will be provided to you with the notification E-Mail. (More information about the notification, deadlines and screening copies can be found in the following points).
3.3. The official competition programme will be shown during the festival in the cinema and online. An international jury consisting of five people will watch the program in the cinema at the same time and will give away the following awards (except the Audience Award).
3.4. The festival awards following prizes (with a prize money and handmade every year changing trophies):
Main Award in the Age Category 13 - 17 years: EUR 700
Main Award in the Age Category 18 - 22 years: EUR 1100
Main Award in the Age Category 23 - 27 years: EUR 1500
Heart <3 Award: EUR 700
Austrian Award (all age categories but country of origin must be Austria): EUR 600
Audience Award (all age categories, only in case of possibility to have audience present): EUR 500
3.5 For the payout of the prize money an information sheet (called “Prize Sheet”) has to be filled out and be returned to the festival. Once all the information has reached us the payout of the prize money will be done via regular Bank transfer for Austrian and EU citizens (IBAN has to be provided) or PayPal for international winners (PayPal account has to be provided).
3.6 The prize and the amount of cash awarded may be subject to change.

4.1 The call for entries runs from the 1st of March 2024 until the 1st of June 2024.
4.2 The submitter will be notified of the selection status (accepted / rejected) until July 23rd 2024 through the submission platform and via email.
4.3 If the film is selected you will receive further information about the screening dates, screening copy, deadlines, our online Q&As and possible visits to the festival.
4.4. The following material and information must be provided till August 1st 2024. If this is not done in time, the film will be removed from the official competition program.

5.1. When your film gets selected you will receive more detailed information within the notification E-Mail about how and what files and information you have to provide to us.
5.2. Screening Copy: The notification E-Mail will inform you about accepted formats. If the film has dialogue or text, the film must be submitted with English subtitles. That includes German and English language productions as well. The festival does not pay rental fees, license fees or other such fees for submitted films that are selected to be screened in the short film competition.
5.3. Additional Material: In addition to a screening file you have to submit the following: three film stills (300 dpi, 2000 pxl wide), a 15 seconds film clip, director’s birthdate and finishing date of the film, short biography/info about the filmmaker(s) with selected filmography added, contact information and social media accounts (recommended for best advertising options), main credits (the same way it should be printed/communicated).
5.4. Providing the files: The notification E-Mail will include a specific link where you have to upload your files. Put all the files into one folder and name that folder after your film title (the same way it is submitted on FilmFreeway) and the director's name. We only accept the screening copies and the additional material provided via that link. Material shipped/delivered by post will only be accepted after consultation with the festival.

6.1 You guarantee that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the film you submit to us and that you are entitled to transfer the rights to us as specified in this agreement.
6.2 By submitting the film, you guarantee that all (intellectual property) rights needed for screening during YOUKI and other uses described in this agreement have been cleared.
6.3 By submitting the film you guarantee that the screening or other use of the film by YOUKI does not infringe rights held by third parties.
6.4 By submitting the film you agree to indemnify the festival against all third-party claims in connection with screening the film during YOUKI and other uses described in the terms. This includes covering any legal costs that might be incurred.
6.5 Screening: The festival is entitled to show the selected films during the duration of the festival any number of times.
6.6 Best-of programs: Selected films may be shown again as part of a best-of program to promote the films/filmmakers as well as the festival. If the film is to be shown the submitter will be informed ahead of time.
6.7 Press screeners & archive: You grant us the nonexclusive, royalty-free, worldwide, perpetual and unlimited right to make copies of the film in order to make these copies available to press or industry representatives only and to archive these copies. The festival guarantees to exercise this right within reason and always with the benefit of the filmmaker in mind. These copies will not be used for commercial screening purposes by any means.
6.8 Promotion: If your film is selected to be included in the program you grant us the nonexclusive, royalty-free right to show – online, via television or in cinemas, in single form or as part of a showreel – excerpts of up to two minutes of the film for advertising and promotion purposes.
6.9 Streaming: The entire selected competition program (and other best-of-programmes) will be screened live on Austrian television channel which can be reached internationally ( In addition to that the entire selected programme (and other best-of-programmes) will be available on demand on the Austrian streaming platform KINO VOD CLUB (c/o Cinema Service Platform) during the festival week. Also the winning films will be shown there for the following four weeks. The on demand programmes at the KINO VOD CLUB will only be available in Austria (geoblocked).
6.10 Meta material: If your film is selected to be included in the program you grant us the nonexclusive, royalty-free, unlimited and irrevocable right to publish submitted meta material such as (but not limited to) film stills, the title and credits of the film, and the director’s name.

7.1 If a provision of this agreement is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, that shall not affect:
7.1a the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of any other provision of this agreement; or
7.1b the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of this agreement.
7.2 This agreement is governed by Austrian law. The place of arbitration shall be Wels, Austria, the language of arbitration shall be German.

Overall Rating
  • Alejandra G. Osorio

    Having 'Petals' at YOUKI was an amazing experience, I loved attending the festival, all the team was so kind. I will always be gratefull with the festival and I'm hoping to be there in future editions.

    December 2023
  • Thank you for the selection of "Adult" and for the support of our country!

    November 2023
  • Edgar Rodríguez Lara

    Great festival, organized with love and care by young and talented people. Has the added value of being a cultural festival more than just a film festival, YOUKI has a long and meaningful history and there's a careful curatorial process involved in the works they select. Although I couldn't personally attend I can see they selected my film based on a careful consideration, and I really appreciate the work that they do. Much love <3

    October 2023
  • Paweł Golonko

    Great festival! We were in Wels and it was an amazing experience

    October 2023
  • Diogo Cunha

    Great festival.
    Hope seeing you again in my students next films

    October 2023