Mentor Arabia's ‘Youth Empowerment Songs Competition’, a regional initiative launched in 2020, aims at empowering young talents to use art as a tool by creating song to spread awareness about risky behaviors and express their views around various socio-economic challenges and opportunities.
The theme for this year's competition is Youth Fears & Aspirations.

Competition goals:
o Encourage young talents to spread awareness through their songs.
o Spread a culture of living healthy lives and making sound decisions.
o Develop the ambitious spirit among the youth & motivate them to innovate.
o Enhance the importance of social responsibility among youth.
o Provide talented youth with opportunities to gain experience from specialists.

o The participant must be a young man or woman between 18 to 30 years old.
o The participant must be of Arab origin.
o The song duration must be between 2 to 5 minutes.
o The song lyrics must comply with the theme: Youth Fears & Aspirations.
o The song must be recorded in Arabic, English or French and the lyrics must be translated to Arabic or English.
o The song lyrics must be provided.
o The work must be completed individually or collectively.