Theme is “The Importance of Thoroughbred Aftercare and Accreditation to the Thoroughbred Racing and Breeding Industries.”

Festival is open only to Current Students or Current Members of the following groups: University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program, the Godolphin Flying Start Program, KEMI (Kentucky Equine Management Internship Program) and the Maryland Horse Industry Foundation.

1st place - Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000)
2nd place - One Thousand Dollars ($1,000)
3rd place - Five Hundred Dollars ($500)
The Fan Favorite Award Winner - Five Hundred Dollars ($500)

The Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Foundation Inc., the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program, and TSG Media Television Holdings, Inc. d/b/a XBTV (collectively, the “Sponsor”) is proud to offer the 2017 TAA Film Festival (the “Festival”). The following rules (“Festival Content Rules”) shall apply.

1. Eligibility. Entry into the Festival is not open to the public. Entry into the Festival is only open to members of the following groups: (a) Current students of the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program, (b) Current members of the Godolphin Flying Start program, and (c) Current members of the Kentucky Equine Management Internship program. “Current” is defined as graduating from or completing the program on a date that is earlier than calendar year 2017.

2. Contest Time Period. All film entries (an “Entry”) to the Festival must be submitted between July 1, 2017 and 11:59:59 a.m. PST on November 10, 2017 (the “Deadline”).

3. Entry Requirements. All Entries must be submitted through the “Submit Now” link on If Entrant does not have an account with, he or she will be required to create a free account in order to participate in the Festival. Entrant shall be required to complete and submit all information as instructed by the website after he or she has clicked on the “Submit Now” link. All Entries to the Festival must be received no later than the Deadline.

4. Film Requirements.

a. Theme. The Film shall be a non-fiction film about the importance of Thoroughbred aftercare to the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry (the “Festival Theme”). Any aspect of Thoroughbred aftercare is an acceptable topic, but Films including an element related to Thoroughbred aftercare accreditation are encouraged.

b. Length. The Film shall be no more than three (3) minutes in duration.

c. Subtitles. Any Film that contains non-English spoken dialogue shall provide on-screen English subtitles.

d. Originality. All Films must be original. Any Film that copies or reproduces any other material in whole or in part shall be disqualified.

5. Film Judgment Criteria. A judging panel comprised of representatives of the Sponsor (the “Panel”) shall judge the Films. The Panel will review and judge each Film based on the following weighted criteria: (a) creativity (25%), (b) entertainment value (25%), (c) communication of the Festival Theme (25%), and (d) production (25%).

6. Festival Winners. The three (3) Films that receive the highest score by the Panel shall be deemed, in order, to be the first place finisher, the second place finisher, and the third place finisher. In the event of a tie between two (2) or more Films for a given place, the Panel shall select an independent judge and such independent judge shall review and judge such tied Films based on the weighted criteria set forth in Section 5. The winners will announced at the 2017 Global Symposium on Racing & Gaming (the “Symposium”).

7. Fan Favorite. The five (5) Films that received the highest score by the Panel (the “Fan Favorite Finalists”) shall be eligible for the “Fan Favorite” portion of the competition. The Fan Favorite Finalists will be shown at one of the panels of the Symposium. Attendees of such panel will determine the winner of the “Fan Favorite.” The attendees of the panel will be instructed to vote for the Film that, in aggregate, best encapsulates the Festival Theme, is most creative, and most entertaining. Each attendee that participates will have one (1) vote. The Film that receives the most votes shall be the “Fan Favorite” winner.

8. Prizes. The following shall be awarded to the first place finisher, the second place finisher, and the third place finisher, as determined by the Panel, and to the “Fan Favorite.” It is possible for the Film voted as the “Fan Favorite” to also be either the first place finisher, the second place finisher, or the third place finisher, as determined by the Panel.

a. 1st place - Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000)

b. 2nd place - One Thousand Dollars ($1,000)

c. 3rd place - Five Hundred Dollars ($500)

d. Fan Favorite Winner - Five Hundred Dollars ($500)

Sponsor shall provide each winner with all necessary tax information and forms. However, each winner is solely responsible for reporting and payment of all federal, state, and local taxes on the prize(s) he or she won.

9. Intellectual Property.

a. Entrant hereby grants to the Sponsor, its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and related entities, and their respective partners, agents, and assigns a royalty-free, world-wide, perpetual, non-revocable license, with a right to sublicense, to show or display the Film or any portion of the Film, or the Film or any portion of the Film which Sponsor has in any way changed, altered, or transformed, on all media now known or hereafter developed.

b. Entrant shall secure authorization and permission from the copyright and trademark owner(s) of any and all copyrighted and/or trademarked content or materials included in the Film. Written permission from the owner of any copyright or trademark content must be submitted with the Film. In the event that any claim, dispute, action, or proceeding shall be brought or asserted by any person or entity that alleges that the Film includes any unlawful use of any copyrighted or trademarked content or material, Entrant shall indemnify and hold Sponsor harmless from any liability, fees, costs, damages, and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, that arise out of or are in any way connected to the unlawful use of any copyrighted or trademarked content or material contained in the Film.

10. Limitation of Liability. Entrant agrees that Entrant’s remedy for: (a) any breach of these Festival Content Rules by Sponsor or its officers, directors, agents, employees, and partners, or (b) any claim which is in any way connected to or related to the Festival, shall be limited to an amount not to exceed the prize awarded to the first place finisher. Entrant shall not be entitled to recover any actual, expectancy, reliance, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages. Additionally, Entrant shall not be able to recover any other damages or remedies which would otherwise be available to Entrant in law or equity.

11. Authority to Submit the Film. Entrant represents and warrants that Entrant is duly authorized, on its own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights or interests in or relating to the Film to submit the Film to the Festival.

12. Miscellaneous.

a. Exclusive Authority. Sponsor shall have the sole and exclusive authority in determining whether an Entry and/or Film complies with the Festival Contest Rules.

b. Unplayable Films. Entrant is required to submit by the Deadline an uncorrupted, playable Film. In the event that a Film does not play properly, the Sponsor may, but is not required to, attempt to contact the Entrant in an effort to obtain a replacement copy of the Film.

c. Updated Information. It is the sole responsibility of each Entrant to update any information in his or her account if such information becomes inaccurate after the account is created.

d. Governing Law. This Festival shall be governed, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California and without reference to principles of conflicts of law. Venue of any action arising out of the Festival shall be heard first in California state court located in the County of Los Angeles and absent jurisdiction in such state court, then in the federal court sitting the County of Los Angeles.

e. Multiple Submissions. If the Film is submitted in multiple parts, the Sponsor reserves the right to judge the Film based on the first submission. Sponsor has no obligation to view the contents of the remaining submission(s). In the event that the Entrant submits an updated version of the Film prior to the Deadline, the Sponsor is under no obligation to view any or all of the updated version(s).

f. Multiple Entries. Entrants are permitted to submit multiple Films to the Festival. However, each Film must be submitted as a separate Entry.

g. Ineligible Entrants. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, no Entry may be submitted if the Entrant is an employee, director, dependent, Immediate Family Member, or individual residing in the same household of an employee or director of the Sponsor. “Immediate Family Member” shall mean: the mother, father, in-laws, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, child, or grandchild (for greater clarity this includes non-biological family as well).

h. Lost Materials. Sponsor is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged material which is submitted in connection with the Festival.