Celebrate indie film in the old west!

The Wyoming International Film Festival isn't just another film fest, it's a 5 day celebration of filmmakers and art from around the world! Screenings in a state-of-the-art theater, filmmakers Q&As, live dance, live music, unique western experiences, art and photography exhibitions, and nightly parties give filmmakers ample opportunity to network and exhibit their work - and most important of all - have a blast while visiting Wyoming! WyoIFF is capped off with an award ceremony where we present 20 awards, along with other prizes, to the winners of the festival. Join us for food, fun, and film!

WyoIFF welcomes movies from all over the world! We accept features, shorts, narratives, documentaries, music videos and web series of every genre. The Wyoming International Film Festival is committed to screening a diverse slate of stories with a broad spectrum of genres, topics and styles. Because we are a film festival run by filmmakers; the WyoIFF team guarantees every submission is watched by a selection committee of experienced industry professionals.

Formerly the Cheyenne Film Festival; The Wyoming International Film Festival has been dedicated to developing the film community in Wyoming since our inception in 2010. In 2021 WyoIFF grew to include the annual Wyoming 48 Hour Film Festival, and in 2022 further branched off to include the Wyoming Dance Film Fest!

If you are a Wyoming resident, if your film was shot in Wyoming, or features Wyoming as a setting or story point, you can submit in either the "Wyoming Film" or "Wyoming Documentary" categories.

In an effort to create a more inclusive film program, and to give more opportunities to independent filmmakers, the Wyoming International Film Festival has partnered with several filmmaking organizations and institutions. If you are a member of any of these organizations, you are eligible for additional discounts. Please contact your member representative to access your discount code.
• Alliance of Women Directors
• International Documentary Association
• New York Film Academy

The Wyoming International Film Festival awards 14 Grand Jury Awards and 6 Audience Choice Awards!

Grand Jury Awards

• Best Narrative Feature
• Best Documentary Feature
• Best Wyoming Film
• Best Wyoming Documentary
• Best Narrative Short
• Best Documentary Short
• Best Director of a Feature Film
• Best Director of a Short Film
• Best Actress in a Feature
• Best Actress in a Short
• Best Actor in a Feature
• Best Actor in a Short
• Best Screenplay of a Feature Film
• Best Screenplay of a Short Film
• Best Music or Dance Video

Audience Choice Awards

• Best Narrative Feature
• Best Documentary Feature
• Best Wyoming Film
• Best Wyoming Documentary
• Best Narrative Short
• Best Documentary Short

Premiere Status – All films must be a Wyoming premiere.

Distribution & Online - With the exception of Web Series and Music Videos, films that are publicly available online, or are available to the public through a distribution service, are ineligible for submission.

Run Time –
• Short films and short docs: 0–25 min.
• Feature films and feature docs: 40-120 min.
• Wyoming films and docs: 0-120 min.
• Music videos: 0-8 min.
• Web series: 0-15 min.

English Language or English Subtitles – All films submitted to the Wyoming International Film Festival must be in English or have English Subtitles.

Delivery – Films must be delivered in .mov or mp4 format. We do not accept any other formats.

Genre – The Wyoming International Film Festival accepts films of all genres. This includes but is not limited to; action, animation, biographical, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, genre (horror, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) LGBTQ+, musical, music video, mystery, political, romance, sports, thriller, web series, western or period piece, etc.

Web Series – This category is for narrative or documentary episodic series produced exclusively for distribution on the web. Filmmakers may submit multiple episodes totaling up to 15 minutes. Episodes must be contained on the same screener. For awards purposes web series will be considered in the “Short Film” categories. Web Series made in Wyoming may submit under the “Wyoming Film” category for a discount.

Music Videos – Filmmakers must have permissions from the band, musician, or artist to use their music in the music video. Music must be an original song or an original cover of a pre-existing work provided all proper rights have been secured.

Wyoming Films – To qualify as a Wyoming Film or Wyoming Documentary the project must meet one of the following criteria. The programming committee reserves the right to disqualify films that do not meet the criteria.
• The director of the film is a current resident of Wyoming.
• At least 50% of the film was shot in Wyoming.
• Wyoming strongly features as a character, setting, or plot point in the film.

Waiver Requests – WyoIFF does not accept waiver requests at this time.

Screening Fee - WyoIFF does not offer screening fees.

Refunds - WyoIFF does not issue refunds.

Agreement of Use – Selected films agree to allow the festival to use screen shots, clips, trailers, posters, or other materials to promote the film and festival. Filmmakers and guests agree to allow the festival to use their likeness in any photo, video, or audio recordings to promote the film and festival.

Age of Film – Films cannot have been produced any earlier than January 1st, 2022. Films produced in 2021 and older are ineligible.

Copyright – By submitting filmmakers acknowledge they own the full copyright to their film, soundtrack, and all other elements contained within the film, and have the legal right to exhibit the film in the United States. The festival takes no responsibility for any copyright violations, and the filmmaker agrees they are the sole responsible party of their work.

Non-Discrimination – The Wyoming International Film Festival has a strict non-discrimination policy and has zero tolerance for films promoting discrimination. Any film that actively promotes hate speech or discrimination against any protected class (Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Ability, Age, etc.) will be immediately disqualified.

Overall Rating
  • Ariana Garfinkel

    Thanks for such a warm welcome to our film On These Grounds. Attending was a wonderful experience for our team.

    April 2024
  • James Hughes

    Their communication is exceptional and they genuinely care about every filmmaker. A fantastic film festival that should always be high on your list for submissions and attendance.

    August 2023
  • Meg Griffiths

    WIFF staff are consistently communicative, cheerful, and accommodating to the filmmakers whose work they feature. There is such a lovely and invaluable energy to festivals like this one (and SDFF in Aberdeen) – the selections are carefully curated and the films celebrated with a personal touch that is sometimes missing from larger festivals. Can't recommend highly enough!

    August 2023
  • A HUGE thanks to everyone over at WyFF! The communication and updates were awesome. Also, the extracurricular activities they offered were pretty amazing. Thanks again for supporting us indie filmmakers!!

    July 2023
  • Elaine Zhu

    Great festival! Thanks for providing the opportunities to the filmmakers!

    July 2023