The Written Image Screenwriting Prize fosters the development and recognition of new screenwriters, specifically current students majoring in Cinema and Television Arts and alumni of COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO who majored in Cinema Art and Science, Film & Video, Television or Cinema and Television Arts.

*** The 20th Written Image Awards will be held November 28, 2022, at 4pm at Columbia College ***

Awards for 2022: TBA

Previous Awards have included:
- Mentorships and/or Consultations with writing professionals
- Final Round of Columbia College's Spring Splash/Script Launch to other screenwriting contests
- Final Draft Screenwriting and StoryO Development Software

You must be a current student or alum of Columbia College Chicago Cinema and Television Arts, Cinema Art and Science, Film & Video or Television.

By submitting this application form:

• the Applicant agrees to abide by all of the guidelines of the Written Image Screenwriting Competition;

• the Applicant understands that any violation of the Guidelines of the Written Image Screenwriting Competition will result in the elimination of his/her submission from the Competition;

• the Applicant verifies that she or he either:
- is the original creator and writer of this work, or if not,
- has permission to adapt original material by another writer; If the submission is an adaptation, the Applicant has attached a letter of authorization from the copyright holder, or in the case of no copyright, the Applicant has attached a letter from the original author granting the Applicant the authorization to adapt the original material or verifying the source material is in the Public Domain. Neither Columbia College Chicago nor the Cinema and Television Arts Department is in any way liable for representations made by the Applicant(s) as to the originality or ownership of submissions;

• is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago’s Department of Cinema and Television Arts (formerly Cinema Art and Science, Film & Video or Television) or is currently a declared Cinema and Television Arts Major at Columbia College Chicago;

• The applicant agrees not to contact Competition Judges nor to lobby or discuss his or her submission with Department faculty or staff.