The annual Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival celebrates and awards the best films from around the world that highlight women in film and women’s rights issues that inspire social change.

Each year, films are selected from over 174 countries and filmmakers compete for cash prizes and media features. The Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival is for films and filmmakers interested in exposure and advocacy, and teaming up with WVN to have your films seen around the world.

Women Filmmakers ONLY (one key member on the team must have been a woman OR the film/story is exclusively about women if filmmaker does not identify as a woman)
must explore but not limited to one or more of the following issues:
∆ Women in Film / Women Filmmakers
∆ Women Media Creators/Storytellers
∆ HerStory
∆ Political representation
∆ Justice in the legal system
∆ Portrayals of violence against women
∆ Leadership and advocacy
∆ Harmful and controlling cultural practices
∆ Economic empowerment
∆ Equal education opportunities
∆ Challenging media stereotypes
∆ Women’s sexuality
∆ Healthy partnerships and relationships
∆ Reproductive health
∆ Matriarchal societies

Leslie J. Sacks Grand Prize Award (i.e. best film award) - $2,500
Best Documentary Feature - $2,000
Best Documentary Short - $1,000
Best Experimental Short - $1,000
Outstanding Youth Activism Film - $500

Award recipients will receive their prize upon submitting a video recorded acceptance speech that will be uploaded to our website.

Agreeing to participate in a WVN Online Film Festival means that you agree to the following mandatory conditions:
· You agree to participate in the WVN Online Film Festival
· Your submission is a final cut and includes no advertisements.
· The official language of the Festival is English. Non-English language films must have English subtitles.
· Uploading a digital, high-resolution screening copy of your film to FilmFreeway. Your submission is INCOMPLETE unless your film is downloadable in high resolution in your FilmFreeway submission. WVN will not replicate, duplicate, sell, or make a profit off of your film.
· Provide 3 high-quality film stills and a film poster with your FilmFreeway submission.
· Provide a trailer if you have one.
· If your film is selected as a winner, you agree to allow your film to be screened at a winner's event and/or be available from March 8th-March 31st, 2020 via Vimeo Pay-Per-View. Profits from sales go towards next year's Prize Money.

Rules and Regulations

​The Festival aims to include diverse and underreported stories of women*​, regardless of social or political subject matter. Subjects broached in this festival include but are not limited to: women in politics, social and legal change/justice, political rebellion, women’s rights struggles, activism, women living with a disability, health and family, environmental issues, women and employment, the resilience of women in the face of oppression, women and the arts, expression and experimentation of women, and socio-cultural relations between women and men.

*women: meant to include diverse LGTBQ identities, among them being the self-identification as a woman (i.e. trans-woman).

NOTE: Organizations, creative agencies, foundations, and content creators are invited to submit, however, videos created for the purpose of fundraising or brand advertising are NOT ACCEPTED.

Applicants must have full rights to the films submitted including all people, images, and music therein. By submitting to the Festival, the filmmaker confirms that (i) they have obtained authorization from persons appearing in the film or otherwise have the right to film them; (ii) all content is their own work, (iii) the filmmaker has the right to use all content.

There is no time limit by which the film must have been completed, but preference will be given to relevant and salient subject matter

The official language of the Festival is English. Non-English language films must have English subtitles.

Films may be submitted to four categories: (1) Documentary Features, (2) Documentary Shorts, (3) Experimental Film (4) Youth Filmmaking

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria: (i) relevance of subject matter; (ii) storytelling - use of structure and image to communicate a compelling story; (iii) technical aspects of filmmaking.

The winning films will be selected by a panel of expert judges involved in film, women’s rights, and/or issues relating to culture and women’s rights. Winning filmmakers will be announced online.

Cash prizes totaling $7,000 will be awarded to select films.

Leslie J. Sacks Grand Prize Award (i.e. best film award) - $2,500
Best Documentary Feature - $2,000
Best Documentary Short - $1,000
Best Experimental Film - $1,000
Outstanding Youth Film - $500

Award recipients will receive their prize and/or laurels upon submitting a video recorded acceptance speech.

If you have any further questions, please visit or contact

Overall Rating
  • Well Communicated. Thanks a lot for selecting your works

    March 2019
  • richard haywood

    great festival amazing films involved.

    March 2019
  • Anouk Phéline

    The WVN is a fantastic platform to showcase your work and discover bold and fearless female filmmakers. In addition to the Online Film Festival, I strongly advise you to have a look at the feminist film archive as well as the blogpost published on the website. They are creating such an important space for new voices to emerge!

    April 2018
  • Thanks so much and proud to be a part.

    April 2018
  • Marko Randelovic

    A great festival I have been proud to be a part of as there were so many great films selected. Women's Voices Now is clearly a great platform for raising awareness about issues that matter, I'm looking forward to seeing what next year has in store.

    April 2018