"Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film Festival" is an independent film festival at its fifth edition born by the meeting of a Macedonian architect and an Italian Filmmaker wishing to bring in Prilep, a small town in Macedonia, a quality cultural event.

Aimed to be a gathering for all the film lovers and professionals in the area the Festival has the goal to become a cultural point of reference associating workshop, concerts,extra-screenings, and exhibition to the main event.

The festival focuses on short movies (up to 30 minutes) without any restriction on the genre.




1 - Intro

“Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film
Festival” is an international film festival at its fifth edition.
Accordingly to the situation, the festival will take place from 17th to
19th of December 2020 in Prilep, Macedonia. If public events will be forbidden in the country because of Covid-19 the festival will be held online.*

Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film
Festival is devoted to promoting short films of
any genre and to generate contacts among
the audience, young directors, and professionals.

*Please note that in case of an online edition of the festival
the selected films will not be published online without submitters' permission.

2 - Festival Sections and Awards

-International short film competition
Jury Award Best Film: 300 Euros
Best Concept: 100 Euros
Best Cinematography: 100 Euros
Best Sound: 100 Euros

- Balkan short film competition
Special Mention Best Balkan Film

- Macedonian short film competition
Audience Award Best Macedonian Film

3 - Rules of Participation

Eligible films must last a maximum of 30 minutes in
length and completed after 1st of January
2018. The same artist (as a single or a
collective) can submit no more than three
works and only one will be eligible for the
final selection.

Entry Fees and Deadlines

A symbolic entry fee is a fundamental tool for us to keep the festival existing and independent. Nevertheless, being aware of the economic repercussion of the pandemic on the film workers, Winter Apricots will provide Waiver codes to the artists that might struggle to cover the fee.

Submissions: from 5th July 2020
FIRST DEADLINE: 25th September 2020 – 2.00 Euro
LAST DEADLINE: 15th October 2020 - 3.00 Euro

* Authors whose films have been selected in
previous editions of the Festival shall not be
charged a submission fee.

Notification date: 20th November 2020.
The entry form should be filled through FilmFreeway

The form will be considered invalid if incomplete;
Submission is considered as completed
only when the following 3 steps are done:
• submitter provided all the information
• submission fee is paid;
• preview copy of the film is sent.

The authors of the selected short films will
be informed by e-mail by November 20th, 2020.

The selected authors will have to send by
November 25th, 2020 the screening copy, as
well as a English dialogue list with timecode
(.ass, .srt.).
Failure to send this material may
cause the exclusion of the film from the
selection, at unquestionable discretion of the
festival organization, even after the selected
film list has been published on the website.

Material and data concerning the films will be
included on the festival catalog, the
festival website and social media for
promotional purposes.

The selected films will become part of the
Winter Apricots archive, they might be used
for no-profit screenings aimed to support
Winter Apricots and extracts (max 30
seconds) can be used in order to promote the
festival. The festival organization will inform
the authors about any further screening of
their works.

The Festival does not pay any screening fees.
The participation in the festival implies that
all conditions and terms described in the rules
and regulations herein have been accepted and
that the film does not include unauthorized
audio/video material by any other author.

4 - Organization

If the festival will happen in the form of a live public event,
the selected artists are invited to attend
“Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film Festival”,
compatibly with the traveling policies and in the respect of any possible sanitary measure.
The festival will provide
accommodation (1 or 2 crew members) and,
depending on the costs and on the demand,
might contribute to travel costs.
“Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film
Festival” reserves the right to modify,
redefine, interrupt, postpone, or cancel the
contest for reasons outside its control and
therefore cannot be held liable in any way.

5 - Final details and Contacts

For any other unspecified issues or items
“Winter Apricots: Prilep International Film
Festival” reserves the right of final decision.

For additional information related to the
contest, please contact us at