Thrive Central Oregon is a nonprofit that connects Central Oregonians to the resources they are looking for- and far and away the most significant resource people seek is affordable housing.

Last year's inaugural film festival was well attended and in the beautiful Tower Theatre, where we showcased films highlighting stories about the working class, housing rights, and equity.

This year we want the We Are Home film festival to reflect new voices, visions, and representations that we could not access through our own searches. We Are Home seeks to showcase films from new and upcoming filmmakers that center their work around finding home and belonging in ways that are not traditionally represented: those living in poverty, those experiencing homelessness, the working class, those seeking community in alternative ways, populations of color, indigenous populations, and more!

We prefer that the films reflect communities and individuals in the United States, particularly the West Coast and Oregon, but are open to any! Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification.

We're not going to lie - we're a nonprofit! We know that you are also trying to get your films out there, so we've tried to keep the fees manageable. Each accepted entry will receive a gift package of special Central Oregon treats as a thank-you from us.

The We Are Home film festival is our annual fundraising event for Thrive Central Oregon, and 100% of the funds collected from ticket sales, gear sales, raffle tickets, etc. all goes directly back into our community as application fee assistance, rental assistance and deposit assistance for those in need seeking permanent, sustainable housing.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ENTRY SUBMISSION : All film submissions must be postmarked by February 15, 2024 All submissions must be complete, with all of the items on the checklist order completed to be considered for the submission. All submissions received after February 15, 2024 will be considered for next year's festival unless otherwise notified. Notification of acceptance into the 2024 film festival will occur no later than March 20, 2024. If accepted, a screening print or digital copy must arrive at FilmQuest's office no later than April 10, 2024. All screeners must be clearly labeled. These screeners will become the property of Thrive Central Oregon unless a self-addressed, self-stamped package is provided with the original submission.

All entries selected into We Are Home grant Thrive Central Oregon the right to use any footage from the screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining to this entry for We Are Home's promotional purposes, without limitations. A complete press kit for films will be requested only after acceptance.

ELIGIBILITY : We will accept films completed after January 2022, unless otherwise noted. We will accept films that have previously screened in other festivals. Entry fees are non-refundable, and may be paid in the form of Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, check or money order paid in US dollars, only through a US-affiliated bank. A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all credit card payments.

Locally made and produced Oregon films are strongly requested, but not required.

PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT : I represent and warrant that I have full legal right and authority to submit the heretofore mentioned film/video project for consideration by We Are Home/Thrive Central Oregon, and that all necessary consents, licensing and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. I agree to hold We Are Home/Thrive Central Oregon and its sponsors harmless in any and all matters pertaining to the consents, licenses, and approvals of heretofore film/video project. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance or nomination into and at We Are Home/Thrive Central Oregon. No one from We Are Home/Thrive Central Oregon or its sponsors has guaranteed me admission into the festival. I, the undersigned, have read the terms and conditions appearing herein, and agree, without exception, to all the terms and conditions stated.