We are now calling for unique stories as seen from a female perspective, stories that showcase women’s self-awareness, their multiple attempts in film making, and their understanding of the world.

Through the festival, we aim to expand the boundaries of women's filmmaking and encourage them to compose a poem with their own aesthetic language. We hope to make women’s voices heard and seen throughout China and around the world in order to influence the trend of female culture in Chinese society.

Running Time Under 30 min:

1 Best Feature Short Film Award — CNY 50,000

2 Best Documentary Short Film Award — CNY 50,000

3 Best Animated Short Film Award — CNY 50,000

4 Best Commercial Short Film Award — CNY 30,000

Running Time Under 5 min:

1 Best Short Video Award — CNY 20,000

2 Best Popularity Award will be selected by vote — Prizes TBC

1. Bay Picture Women Short Film Festival calls for short films by women directors.

2. Only for women, no limitation on subject, equipment, or nationality.

3. We Women Short Film Festival does not accept films that are made before 2019.

3. The applicant should have independent and complete ownership of the project submitted; the applicant is responsible for any legal liability arising from disputes over the ownership of copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, and other rights and interests involved in the work.

4. All submissions should have Chinese or English subtitles.