WAYNE INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT TV & FILM FESTIVAL is the only independent film festival in Wayne, Michigan. The WIITFF begins as a collaboration between two film/television industry professionals who are both avid movie fans and lifelong patrons of the arts. Together they share the vision that with the steadfast support of the Wayne community and businesses the WIITFF will soon become the premier Midwest Film Festival in the heartland of America. As a trusted doorway for connecting indie filmmakers, artists, and producers to industry executives as they take the next steps in their career.

The Festival will showcase their talent and creativity based solely on the merit of their work and professionalism. By bringing together brilliant filmmakers and content creators from all across the state of Michigan, the continental U.S. and Internationally abroad we are directly connecting filmmakers with appreciative audiences here in Wayne, MI that will welcome all visitors with a special brand of hospitality. The plan is to organically grow the festival to a week long event.

A major objective of the festival is to bring together filmmakers and industry professionals to share skills and knowledge irrespective of background, race, gender or religion and celebrate Cinema and the Arts. This is why Wayne is an ideal location for a film festival. Wayne features a vibrant and supportive community, a landmark screening venue, local industry professionals and an ideal logistical layout of supporting businesses that would all combine to create a memorable festival experience. Altogether, with the support of our generous sponsors and ambassadors, Wayne is allowing us to develop a film festival that will be here to stay.

Our aim is to become the festival where national and international talent is discovered. We have the locations, we have the support and we have the passion. WIITFF hopes to create a trusted doorway for indie artists to take the next steps in their career.

All the directors/content creators of selected films will be invited, and expected to attend and talk about their work in post-screening discussions. These discussions will be hosted by filmmakers, journalists and experts in the subject of the film. WIITVF is striving to open the door for indie film by directly connecting filmmakers with audiences.

Our judges will select the winners and honorable mentions from the following categories. In order to apply to any additional categories, the film must be submitted into a major category. Laurels and awards will be distributed.


Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Documentary Feature
Best Documentary Short
Best Experimental (Features & Shorts)
Best Animation
Best Science Fiction/Fantasy
Best Horror
Best Director (Features & Shorts)
Best Cinematography
Best Editor
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best TV Series/Pilot/Web
Best Comedy
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Female Filmmaker
Best Indie Film (Features & Shorts)
Best Student Film
Best Music Video
Best Editing
Best VFX
Best IPhone Short
Best Digital Comic
Best Drone Short

- Works can be submitted regardless of when they were completed.
- Submissions do not have to be premieres to be selected for exhibition..
- Works in progress may be submitted, but only during the Late or Extended deadlines and only if the film will be completed for final review at least seven weeks before the Festival opening. The review committee will only watch one version of your film, so make it your latest/greatest cut possible.
- Films that have had a limited commercial theatrical run or other distribution are allowed to submit.
- There is no limit on number of works submitted, but each entry must be separate, appropriately labeled and accompanied by the required fee.
- Submit works online (preferable)
- In rare cases the filmmaker may have to provide another format version to be exhibited if the film cannot be programmed into a slot where the original format can be projected.
- Submitted screeners, screenplays and press materials will not be returned.
- Festival is not responsible for lost or damaged materials.


Upon selection applicant is requested to provide WIITFF with highest quality film format available, trailer, color film stills and posters, and any other available press materials.

Once accepted applicant gives WIITFF the right to use images and information from the film and trailer for all advertising and promotion purposes.

Submission of film indicates applicant's full intention to exhibit at WIITFF if selected for programming. As such, filmmaker waives the right to withdraw their film from WIITFF at any time for any reason