Watch Nook features rigorously handpicked films from some of the most talented and emerging names of cinema across the globe.

With a digital magazine as well as exclusive reviews and interviews, Watch Nook highlights the artists behind the program, providing in-depth views on the craft of filmmaking for film professionals, film academics, film schools and film lovers.

Exclusive case-studies of filmmakers featured on Watch Nook can highlight the motivations, sensitivities, production strategies and directing skills of the artists behind Watch Nook selection, shedding light on some of the promising voices of international cinema.

Curated by a team of experts from strong filmmaking, curation and programming backgrounds, Watch Nook offers the most diverse and well-crafted fiction, documentary, hybrid and experimental films year-round.

Every year, Watch Nook organizes an annual screening of Watch Nook films to audiences in North America and Europe, providing an opportunity to share the best of Watch Nook program on the big screen.

Watch Nook features fiction, documentary, experimental and hybrid films in various lengths and formats regardless of their genre, country or year of production. The films we choose have unique, outstanding and meticulous use of film language, providing the audiences with new propositions in storytelling, film aesthetics and directing styles.

Films that we feature on Watch Nook:
Short Fiction/Documentary/Experimental/Hybrid: under 60 minutes
Feature Fiction/Documentary/Experimental/Hybrid: over 60 minutes

By submitting your film to Watch Nook, you attest that the film in question is not in breach of any copyright and that all required intellectual property rights have been adhered to.

The submitted films will be reviewed by our curation team and in no more than 14 days, the final decision will be given in written form.

The selected titles will premiere on Watch Nook between 30 to 60 days after the submission results have been announced. The selected filmmakers will be notified regarding the exact date of premiere in written form.

For select titles, Watch Nook will conduct exclusive interviews and reviews with the filmmakers as well as short and long articles in Watch Nook digital magazine about the film and the creative team behind it.

Watch Nook does not provide feedback on submissions. The submission fee covers the process of assessing each film and is non-refundable.

The international success or the lack of one for the submitted films do not affect the selection process at Watch Nook. Every work is evaluated individually and based on its own artistic merits.

Films that are available online are eligible for submission.

Films that are unreleased are eligible for submission.

Films that have ongoing festival appearances are eligible for submission.

The selection process in Watch Nook is the work of a very selective curatorial team and submissions do not guarantee a premiere on Watch Nook.

If and once a title premieres on Watch Nook, it will be featured in our newsletter, digital magazine and across the Watch Nook social media.