Wag Film Festival: for young jury, for young filmakers, for young Cinema!

Organized by "Le Ali di Icaro" Association, Wag Film Festival has come to the fifth edition and it's dedicated for filmakers from all the world.

The slogan that this year's competition proposes to face is "Never Give up" and it's addressed to all the Cinema "workers". How many times, a director ,making his movie, has fallen into the temptation to give up?
How many times the filmmaker's work is likely to be over, for the discouragement caused by difficulties inside the set?
In most cases, however, just when you think you touch the bottom you decide not to give up,showing your true passion for Cinema.

With these provocative and bizzarre tales, Wag Film Festival offers to italian and non-italian filmakers the possibility to introduce themselves, talking about their works, keeping in touch for future collaborations and, more than anything else, meeting people frome audience and youg people frome the jury.

Wag Film Festival is a rare case: the winners are decided by a jury, of course, but inside it there are only and exclusively young people, boys and girls under 25 years who represent our future: filmakers and Cinema lovers, active part of "Le Ali di Icaro" that can compare their works, made during workshops and courses, with professional films.
On the other hand, filmakers will have the opportunity to be judged by an atypical jury, represented by young people with disillusioned look (but no less technical and therefore no less strong than other commissions), based on a spontaneous and sincere criticism.

Wag Film Festival is ready to accept italian and non-italian film, with no genre limits and no time limits!
Three competion section: SGUARDI D'AUTORE, for professional italian filmakers (Best Short Film and Best Feature Film Awards); WAG INTERNATIONAL, for professional non-italian filmakers (Best International Short Film and Best International Feature Film Awards); NUOVE PROSPETTIVE, for italian filmakers under 25, rising stars of a new Cinema (Special Mention-"Nuove Prospettive" Award).

(see the section below for all the information).

Quotes frome filmakers who have won or partecipated last editions:

"To be inside Wag is like to be at home. When we realized that our film, had been selected, we said to all the cast: this is a good festival and we must meet these guys. And so we've done!
Stefano Scaramuzzino, actor

"Wag Film Festival in one of the best Festival i've ever seen. This guys are awesome they are all great Cinema lovers. The location is very beautiful and the screening is perfect. Wag Film Festival is a little miracle".
Gabriele Arena, actor

"The most beautiful thing you can feel taking part of Wag is to be inside all the people. Telling your stories and listineng to other ones. You can perceive the audience. The staff is wonderful!
Matteo Damiani, director

Awards & Prizes

Best International Short award (up to 30 minutes) and Best International Feature Film Award (longer than 30 minutes).

Best Short award (up to 30 minutes) and Best Feature Film Award (longer than 30 minutes).
Special Mention "Nuove Prospettive" Award for filmakers under 25.

Rules & Terms

Films must arrive not later than October 7, 2017.
All the films sent for the competition will be selected by a specially commission, whose work is unquestionable.
The directors of the films admitted to the Festival will receive formal communication from the Wag Staff.
The program of the Festival includes screenings of all selected films of the "Sguardi d'Autore" section, and "Nuove Prospettive section (see part 3). In "Wag International" section, there will be the screenings only of winning films .

All films made not before January, 2015, and of any type can be sent to the Festival of the show. Submission is not precluded by any constraints concerning the duration of the film. Each author is responsible for the content of his/her work.
Submission involves payment of a fee by 5 (five) euros for each film received, except films of "Nuove Prospettive" section, for which the submission is free. It is allowed to send up to 3 (three) works per filmaker.
The fee is non-refundable and is intended as a contribution to the Association "Le Ali di Icaro" organizing the Wag Film Festival.

The Wag Competition is divided into three categories:

• Sguardi d'Autore: free-genre and competitive section of films by Italian authors who are distinguished themselves especially for technical, aesthetic and /or content (no time limits);
• Nuove Prospettive: free-genre and competitive section of films by Italian authors considered deserving of attention for the courage and boldness of the themes, made by directors not older than 25 (no time limits);
• Wag International: free-genre and competitive section for international films, (non-Italian productions and / or directed by non-Italian filmmakers). Short films (up to 30 minutes) and feature films (longer than 30 minutes) are both accepted.
Non-italian films must have italian subtitles.

In addition to the above sections, a further category of the Festival, called WagMovie, is reserved to the non-competition films realized by filmakers parto of "Le Ali di Icaro".
In festival schedule will also be present, in the section "Altre Realtà", collateral activities and collateral events like photographic exhibits and theatrical shows.
The full schedule of the screenings will be published on the Festival official website
(Www.lealidicaro.org/wagfilmfestival) and in the official social network (Facebook,

The Jury Wag of the Festival will be formed by the young students of the Wag Film Lab (cinematographic group inside "Le Ali di Icaro"), which will award the Best Short Film Awards and Best Feature Film Awards to the movies that will be considered the best in the whole, in addition to the special mention "Nuove Prospettive" Award And "Wag International Award", for best short film and best feature films of the matching sections. Jury's judgment is unquestionable.

The "Wag Award", successfully promoted since the second edition of the Wag Film Festival, is being re-released Even in 2017, for the fifth edition, but for the first time in double version: there will be two winner films, such as Best Short Film (for movies under 30 minutes) and Best Feature Film (for movies over 30 minutes).
Wag Awards are intended to all the films of the "Sguardi d'Autore" section.
There are also two another awards, the special mention
"Nuove Prospettive", reserved for the best film of the matching section, and the "Wag International" Awards ", reserved for the best non-italian short film and best non-Italian feature film.
The prizes will be in engraved plates ishowing the name of the film, the name of the award and the name of the Festival.

Winning ceremony will take place at the "Le Fornaci" Auditorium during the closing night of the Festival.
The winning authors, whose presence is strongly recommended, will receive the formal invitation to attend the ceremony . It will be appreciated the further presence of the techical and artistic cast of award-winning films.

For the technical / artistic cast of any Italian film admitted to the competition, the Festival offers a hotel booking in a single or double room, for one night with breakfast.

For the technical / artistic cast of italian film winners the Festival offers a hotel booking in a single or double room, for the final night with breakfast; offers also travel reimbursement.

The directors, authors, and copyright holders of authorship authorize the Festival to the screenings and to the use during the Festival and all related events.

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    Lorenzo Tardella

    It's a very warm Festival, organized by passionate young people. It was a pleasure to be there with my short film

    November 2017