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    Vince J. Trenton was born on February 2, 1984. His full birth name is Vincenzo Trento. He was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, as the son of Italian immigrants (paternal from Sicily and maternal from Piedmont). He has both Italian and Swiss citizenship. As a nickname he prefers to be called "Vince". Besides his native language Italian, he speaks German, English and Spanish.
    After gaining his first experience between 2010 and 2015 in the film and drama industry, especially in the German-speaking countries, Vince moved to the United Kingdom in 2016 and attended his first acting education in London. He was also able to gain his first experiences in the United States and Australia during this time. Since 2021, Vince has been attending a distance learning course in Germany to complete his Bachelor of Arts in film and media production. Apart from his profession as an actor, Vince is an avid traveler and always travels a lot to gain experience and inspiration. In addition, he is very interested in foreign languages and foreign cultures. Water sports and photography are also among his biggest hobbies. Vince calls himself a creative global citizen.
    University of West London / United POP
    Bachelor of Arts - Film & Media Production
    Birth Date
    February 2, 1984
    Birth City
    Schlieren / Zurich, Switzerland
    Current City
    Stuttgart, Germany / London, United Kingdom
    Winterthur / Zurich, Switzerland
    South European / Latin / Caucasian
    Eye Color
    Zodiac Sign
    The letter "J" from his alias is a reference to two actors. His short alias Vince J. Trenton is dedicated to the actor Michael J. Fox (full name Michael Andrew Fox) and his long alias Vincent James Trenton is dedicated to the actor Al Pacino (full name Alfredo James "Al" Pacino). According to his information, he chose this alias, as both actors had an important influence during his childhood.
    Trevin Film & Media Production
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