Create images just to amuse, dream, reflect, feel emotions
Painter born in Sarajevo, I currently live in Paris. I create free drawings in ink and engraving. For my paintings, it’s different, my technique does not allow any correction, so I prepare the final drawing before starting on the canvas. I exhibited my creations in France and in the world, Paris, Tokyo, Sofia, Vancouver, Lisbon, Chicago, Miami ...
During the pandemic, I was locked up with the only tool: my computer. Some drawings had been sleeping there for a few months, including my little monsters. I woke them up by bringing them to life in animations. I made the animation on Photoshop and finalized the editing on DaVinci Resolve.
These drawings were created with ink in Marseille on the beach, in the creeks or on the sailboat. The sea and the underwater world inspired a universe of mischievous little monsters
To share them with the greatest number, I redesigned them on my computer to make coloring-book and children’s books
For coloring, I printed my digital drawings. Then, I watercolored these prints respecting a range of colors common to the different boards.
I scanned these boards in high definition, some of the monsters have their own name. Over time, I created a family of monsters and their friends.
I plan to bring my little monsters to life through short animations, games, books, and why not virtual reality?
Birth City
Current City
Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere - Albert Einstein
Create images just to amuse, dream, reflect, feel emotions
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