The mission of the VieClip International Music Festival is to expand the limits of traditional film-making through creation of “a visual symphony” where the music would play the leading role in the film.

Almost one hundred years ago French “Fathers of Cinematography“ had been dreaming about merging music and picture into one single “visual symphony”. Unfortunately, none of these attempts to create a new cinematic language - where music would play a leading role were - successful.

We took the risk of building on the same concept of “integral cinematography”, on the new technological and philosophical level. We called our method “VieClip” from French “la vie”, which means life. This viewpoint allows us to reach synergistic effect in merging visuals and music and thus start exploring eternal human themes and values like love and happiness, tragedy and solitude, etc. from a slightly new angle.

Merging picture with music creates long awaited “integral cinematography” providing additional dimension and power to visual messages. At the same time it gives the second life to music itself, allowing us to visualize images inspired by melodies, often lost in our subconscious.

Being the youngest genre in musical film industry VieClip is also the most democratic one allowing almost any person on the street – from Alaska to Australia – to participate in our Festival and become the winner of the prize and the cash award.

New York City does not need recommendations. It is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can also listen to all kinds of music. Its diverse ethnic and cultural community has contributed to introducing and maintaining multiple musical genres – from jazz and rock-n-roll in Bowery to classical music in Carnegie Hall. But New York City is also well known for its cinema culture bolstered by an impressive line up of 20 plus film festivals happening year-round. However, there is no festival focusing specifically on musical films. We decided to fill this gap and to organize First Living Music VieClip International Music Festival in New York City in the spring of 2021. The Award Ceremony will take place at the famous Landmark 57 Movie Theater in Manhattan on April 29, 2021.

Festival competition will be conducted in the following 9 main categories based on the genre of music:

- classical music
- popular music
- jazz
- rock-n-roll
- ethnic music
- hip-hop;

and two special categories:

- "Beatlemania”- for the VieClips based on the songs of The Beatles

– “Smartphone Master”- for the VieClips shot using smartphones

The winners in each category will receive a special memorable statuette and a cash prize of 500 dollars.

The organizers retain the right not to award a prize in any category depending on the quality of the contesting VieClips.