Videodrunk is a small indie/experimental/underground/horror film festival that takes place in Whitby in the Fall. We are small but we aim to bring the best possible cinema to the Greater Toronto Area.

The festival is run by filmmakers and video artists and aims to present an eclectic collection of films to audiences in a non-formal easy going environment (usually with beer). Amateurs, students, DIYers and pros all are treated as equals.

We encourage all types of filmmakers and artists to submit.

King Videor for Best of Fest (both for short and long form)
Canadian Film Prize
Intertoto for Programmers' Pick of the Night/Block

We show films of all styles and genres, but have a focus on experimental and horror works, and are open to all film no matter the content or subject matter.

Films that run 20+ minutes are allowed to have the backing of a TV station or noted film production company on the condition the budget does not exceed $10,000,000 (USD). All other submissions must be fully independent.

Shorts and features that run 20+ minutes must not have screened in the province of Ontario within 4 months prior to the Videodrunk screening. All other submissions are exempt from this.

Shorts and features that run 20+ minutes must have been released publicly no earlier than 2 years prior to the Videodrunk screening. All other submissions are exempt from this.

Features may be shown with their titles withheld until the day of to surprise the audience.

If accepted you will be required to provide us with a digital copy of the film within 20 days.

Even if originally accepted, we have the right to remove a film from our program should it show in the GTA within 60 days of Videodrunk.

No episodes. No Music Videos.

A maximum of two submissions per filmmaker.

All films not in English must be subtitled in English.

Festival dates and location may change.

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the festival may go online if unable to proceed with a live event.

Overall Rating
  • Lynn Kristmanson

    Thanks for the chance to share Secret Santa with your audience! The festival was friendly and efficient - all around a great experience!

    November 2022
  • Tal Alperstein

    It was a great experience to be part of this festival- I felt that my film found a home where it is being understood and appreciated. A great festival that looks for a bold artistic approach to film. The panel discussion was interesting and professional.

    December 2021
  • Chad Ferrin

    Great festival, thanks for playing Night Caller! Mat and his team were fantastic!

    December 2021
  • Videodrunk is an incredible festival and Mat Rooney runs a class-act event. The communication and care for our project 'For Roger' was evident in every interaction I had with him, and I will definitely be submitting any of my future work to Videodrunk. I suggest you do the same!!

    December 2021
  • Brian Zahm

    Videodrunk is filled with strange/bizarre/dizzying awesomeness. The film programming is top notch, and being part of this festival was an incredible honor. The organizers are a class act, very caring and very cool. Now, until the end of time, I will be a Videodrunk devotee.

    January 2021