Most films require a level of distribution support to get them off the ground, but imagine this. Picture a band that couldn't even play a gig without first signing a massive record deal, how would they build an audience? How would they work on their signature sound? How would they make it financially viable? It just wouldn't work, and this is the unfortunate reality for many filmmakers, who without intensely lobbying distributors and production studios, won't get their hard work seen by paying audiences.

We can change this.

So what's the solution? The solution is that we don't create one festival, we create many mini festivals around Melbourne as part of “Video Local”. “Video Local” is a project in which pubs, bars across Melbourne, combine showings of feature films with small independent films, bringing audiences to films they know and introducing them to local talent they don't. All the while enjoying a drink or meal

We hope to collaborate with venues from across the city and turn them into makeshift theatres without removing the grittiness and tone of going to a pub. We exist to reimagine the movie-going experience, and combine forces of Melbourne's thriving pub scene with its long established film culture.

Films have to be made by local filmmakers, if you are to submit a film, you have to have made it yourself.

We aim to show films made by independence, whilst we love to see people getting distribution, it goes against our original purpose.

Films must be no longer than 15 minutes each, so we can have a fair display of a range of films.