Vegas Shorts is a bi-monthly festival and a competition dedicated to American and International Short films of all genres. The festival is a platform which seeks to recognize, select, award and promote short films.

The festival is established with the intention of selecting, awarding, promoting and recognizing short filmmakers in various genres. The members of jury and the programmers of the festival consists of award winning filmmakers active in the film industry as professionals in media.

Vegas Shorts believes in the power of the language of cinema and stands with all diverse groups of filmmakers from around the globe.

We consider the art of filmmaking an essential component of our lives and encourage works that use powerful and creative approaches toward the language of cinema in order to create a unique vision.

Best dramatic
Best director
Best actress
Best actor
Best cinematography
Best script
Best producer
Best edit
Best animation
Best experimental
Best documentary
Best composer
Best horror
Best comedy
Best thriller
Best science fiction
Best fantasy
Best student filmmaker
Best youth actor
Best youth actress
Best Web Series /TV Pilot
Best first time filmmaker
Best trailer

-You agree to use parts of your film (including trailer/teaser/film poster) for promotional purpose.
- Entry fees are non-refundable.
- You must own all the rights to the film or have permission to use any songs included in your film.

Overall Rating
  • Was quite surprised and thrilled to have my screenplay "Pigeon" selected as the Award Winner for Best Script (Unproduced and Produced). The festival goes out of their way to promote new voices - they utilize social media, their website, and boost your profile.

    One of the few newer festivals that I'm confident truly looks out for independent and up and coming filmmakers (with fresh ideas around their short scripts / films) and actually does their due diligence with each submission they receive. Highly recommend.

    August 2021
  • Great event; Am going to enter again.

    August 2021
  • Yuri Maslak

    Great festival! Our film LIVING THE DREAM won the BEST COMEDY! Thank you very much and see you soon!

    August 2021
  • Jonathan Fisher

    So nice to have our short doc selected by this classy festival!

    August 2021
  • Philip Guitar

    WOW!! Thrilled and Overjoyed !!
    Thank You VEGAS SHORTS!! So GRATEFUL for the awards for CRUDE MASSACRE! Best Indie Film, Best Director, and Best Editor. Great organization, Outstanding experience, Thanks Again!!

    August 2021