Welcome to Västerås Filmfestival!
Västerås Filmfestival is becoming a part of the new Nordic Star Festival.

The next edition of VFF will take place in MAY (8-12) 2024.

Västerås Film Festival is an international film festival held in autumn every year since 2015. The festival will be moved to May (8-12) 2024. Västerås film festival shows films in different genres from around the world. We have prizes in different categories. The festival also contains workshops, lectures, debates, film cafés and exhibitions. Västerås Film Festival is one of the most interesting festivals in northern Europe.

As Västerås Film Festival 2024 becomes a genre film festival, there will be changes in awards.

Two types of Award : Nordic and international films
The awards in Short Film are: Best Short Film Drama, Best Short Film Thriller, Best Comedy Film, Best Romantic Film, Best Horror Film, Best Art film, Best Animation film, Best Music Video, New Media, Best Action film, Best War Film, Best One Minute Film, Best Documentary, Best Crime film, Best Dance Film, Best Fantasy film, Best Adventure film, Best Feature Film only Drama the tema of the year 2024

Winners 2023

Best 1-Minute Film
Call of Nature, Donal O’Dea (Ireland)

Best Animation
The Sprayer, Farnoosh Abedi (Iran)

Best Music Video
Krokodiltårar – Mäki, Rikard Westman (Sweden)

Best International Short Film
Alex’s Machine, Claire Bonnefoy, Vincent Metzinger, Beata Saboova (France)

Best International Short Film Actor
Der Bruder, Roman Blumenschein – “Heinrich” (Austria)

Best International Short Film Actress
Suicide Club, Lubna Azabal – “Anita” (France)

Best International Short Film Director
Alex’s Machine, Mael Le Mée (France)

Best International Short Film Cinematography
Opulence, Denis Louis (France)

Best International Short Film Screenplay
Alex’s Machine, Mael Le Mée (France)

Best International Short Documentary
Black Wagon, Adilet Karzhoev (Kyrgyzstan)

Best International Feature Documentary
Glimpse of My Soul, Yuri Shapochka, David Brower (United States)

Best International Feature Film
High on Life, Sabina Kresic (Croatia)

Best International Feature Film Director
High on Life, Radislav Jovanov (Croatia)

Best International Feature Film Actor
When the Seedlings Grow, Ehmed Arif Hecano – “Hüseyin” (Syria)

Best International Feature Film Actress
Malos Aires, Luz Cipriota – “Camila” (Spain)

Best International Feature Film Cinematography
The Meaning Of A Ritual, Tom O’Keefe (UK)

Best International Feature Film Screenplay
High on Life, Radislav Jovanov (Croatia)

Best Nordic Short Film
Daisy, Matilda Höög, Daniel Hargot (Sweden)

Best Nordic Short Film Actor
The Car Spotter, Mats Qviström — ”Peo” (Sweden)

Best Nordic Short Film Actress
Stand By, Kimmie Falstrøm — ”Stine” (Denmark)

Best Nordic Short Film Director
Daisy, Torbjörn Edwall (Sweden)

Best Nordic Short Film Cinematography
The Wake Up Chirp, Kaan Orgunmat & Simon Pedersen (Sweden)

Best Nordic Short Film Screenplay
Daisy, Torbjörn Edwall (Sweden)

Best Nordic Short Film Editing
Shards from the Glass Ceiling, Karl Dalum (Denmark)

Best Nordic Short Documentary
Asbjørn Høglund – A gatekeeper in the shadows, Elin Eriksen, Søgnhild Østvold, Lasse Dørumsgaard Stensrud (Norway)

Best Nordic Feature Documentary
I’ll come home, Björn Rallare (Sweden)

Creative Prize
The Magic Scissors, Henric Hammarslätt (Sweden)
Call of the Unseen, Henrik Pilerud (Sweden)
Shards from the Glass Ceiling, Sabrina Aranguiz, Arjuna Alexander (Denmark)
Brothers, Rasmus Sandager (Denmark)

Best School Film Award
Stadtmusik, Hamburg Media School (Germany)

Social Vulnerability Prize
The Man Who Couldn’t Die, Julius Telmer (Denmark)

Visual Prize
Summit, Magnus Hertzberg (Sweden)

Audiovisual Prize
If You Knew, Filip Slotte (Sweden)

Talent Prize
If You Knew, Filip Slotte (Sweden)
Stand By, Rebecca Schønberg (Denmark)
The Meaning Of A Ritual, Elli Treptow (Ger

By submitting, you agree to these rules and terms:

Copyrights, screening rights:

- You have the full rights to submit the film to our film festival and to give Västerås Film Festival the rights to screen the film at the festival
- We can use trailers, stills, and other submitted information for marketing purposes on websites, newsletters, social media, flyers, posters, etc.
- If your film is nominated, we can use both trailers and parts from the film to create a nomination trailer, with final permission from you, to be shown at the award ceremony
- We do not pay any screening fees
-The submission fee is non-refundable


- To be considered for the competition, the film must have been completed between 2022 and 2024.


- If the film is not in English or Swedish, subtitles in one of those two languages are required.
- Films in English are encouraged to have Swedish subtitles.


- The highest resolution that the film was shot in; HD, 2K, 3K, 4K.
- We accept resolutions from HD to 4K, regardless if it is a short or feature length film.
- For screening on a larger screen, we require at least 2K.

Category range.

- 1-Minute film (<1 min.),
- Short film (1 to 30 min.)
- Documentary (1 to 30 min)
- School Film 1-to 30 min)
- Feature Drama Film (the team fore the year 2024