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Västerås Film Festival is an international film festival held in autumn every year since 2015. Västerås film festival shows films in different genres from around the world. We have prizes in different categories. The festival also contains workshops, lectures, debates, film cafés and exhibitions. Västerås Film Festival is one of the most interesting festivals in northern Europe


Winners 2018

Best International Feature Film

Director: Dominik Locher
Writer: Dominik Locher
Producers: Rajko Jazbec

Best Short Film
The Nine Billion Names of God

Director: Dominique Filhol
Writer: Dominique Filhol
Producers: Fatna Elaidi, Dominique Filhol, Virginie Lancetti, Patrick Hernandez

Best Photography
The Nine Billion Names of God
Cinematography: Athys de Galzain

Best Screenplay
Writer: Dominik Locher

Best Directing
Director: Dominik Locher

Best Female Actor
The Forest
Natalya Rychkova - "Katya"

Best Male Actor
Sven Schelker - "David"

Best International Documentary
Claudio Fasoli's Innersounds
Director: Angelo Poli
Writers: Angelo Poli, Marc Tibaldi
Producer: Angelo Poli

Best Animation
The Robot Butler
Director: Jens Broström
Writer: Jens Broström
Producer: Jens Broström

Best Nordic Feature Film
Bride Price VS Democracy
Directors: Reza Rahimi
Writer: Reza Rahimi, Amir Abbas Payam
Producer: Reza Rahimi

Best Short Film
Director: Anna Mercedes Bergion
Writer: Anna Mercedes Bergion, Michaela Berner
Producer: Gabriella Duraffourd, Anna Mercedes Bergion

Best Photography
Cinematographers: Axel Adolfsson, Troels Rosenkrantz Andersen

Best National Screenplay
Bride Price VS Democracy
Writers: Reza Rahimi, Amir Abbas Payam

Best National Directing
Bride Price VS Democracy
Director: Reza Rahimi

Best National Female Actor
Michaela Berner as Olivia in Dreamlife

Best National Male Actor
Ashkan Ghods as Omid in Bride Price VS Democracy

Best National Documentary
The Rocking Barber of Hisingen

Director: Tomas Haglund
Producers: Tomas Haglund, Simon Jensen

The New Star Award
Emil Algpeus

Jury Honorary Award
Rolf Lassgård

Miniroom.se children and youth talent prize
Nike Ringqvist

Regional Prize
Jamshed Khan

Jury Talent Award
Erik Kammerland

Best 1-Minute Film
Memory of our Peers

Årets Publikpris


Special Award
Miniroom.se children and youth talent prize (under 18 years)

Jury Talent Award:
Swedish Talent Prize (over 18 years old)

The New Star Prize (over 18 years old actor/actress)

Jury Honorary Award:
Swedish Honorary prize

The best Swedish feature film released during the year.

International Prize
Festival Certificate will go to:
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay Writer (of a produced film)

Best One minute film (International)
Best Short Film (International)
Best Documentary Film (International)
Best Feature film (International)
Best Animation film (International)

National film
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay Writer (of a produced film)

Best Swedish Short film (National)
Best Swedish Documentary film (National)

Nordic Prize
Best Feature film

To be considered for the competition, the film must have been produced 2018 or 2019. Otherwise it can still be considered for screening outside competition.

If the film is *not* in English or Swedish, subtitles in one of those two languages are required.
Films in English are encouraged to have Swedish subtitles.

Full feature films (60 minutes or longer) must be in DCP format.
All films must be in HD format or 2K

Category range.
1 Minute film (1 min.),
Short film from1 to 59 min.)
Feature film (60 min. or longer)
Documentary (National, regional, film school)

Overall Rating
  • Sonalii Castillo

    Thank you for having MAMBA be a part of your festival and for being so welcoming

    January 2019
  • Catherine Åsberg-Fleury

    Very communicative staff, great festival!

    December 2018
  • I was honored to have my film be a part of this year's lineup, and I wish I could have attended. Great festival, Hope to visit someday with another film.

    November 2018
  • Dominique Filhol

    Thank you so much for giving two awards to "The Nine Billion Names of God" in your film festival! I really appreciated it and I met fantastic and lovely people ! Long life to Vasteras Film Festival and thanks again ! lot of love

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Dominique, It was a very good movie and got 2 prizes. We would like you to come back with more movies in the future. We are very pleased that your movie was awarded.

    To the next time

  • Russell Emanuel

    Thank you so much for having "Collar" in your film festival! We really appreciated it and look forward to submitting again in the very near future!

    October 2018
    Response from festival:

    Hi Russell , thank you for your words. We liked the movie "Collar" very much. A good story with unexpected ending.

    We look forward to your next project.