===Swedish and Nordic awards===

Best Swedish Shortfilm
Everything Plays the Part, Nothing Is. A natural dramatisation of a time in Ingmar Bergman's life, where both speech and understanding were central during production, with a touch of sharp irony.

Best Swedish Documentary
A Farmer’s Poetry by Andreas Gejke. A documentary which explores in depth a person's thoughts in a natural way.

Best Male Actor
Lars Väringer as Ingemar, Vykort Från Petrokemin.
He plays his role with experience, sharpness and awareness in an obvious way.

Best Female Actor
Amy Mattson as Bibi, Everything Plays the Part, Nothing Is. Plays her role in a convincing way with clarity. Her expressions inspired by films in the 50's. With expressions and speech which mirrors the content of the filmn in a clear way.

Best Directing
Vykort Från Petrokemin - Simon Borka Gunnarsson.
The directing creates a natural relation between the characters in a realistic way.

Best Screenplay
En Flickas Hämnd - Max Marklund. A screenplay with sharpness, attention to details and a feeling for the whole picture.

Best Photography
En Flickas Hämnd - Anders Jacobsson. A photography with a feeling for the objects and the story without compromises. He väver in fotot som en självklar del i berättelsen helhet.

Best Nordic Feature Film
Vykort Från Petrokemin. The different roles come together in a natural way, creating an engaging story.

The new Star Prize: Malte Myrenberg Gårdinger.
He plays his role with conviction in a natural way which stands out in this year's festival.

Jury Honorary Award: Maria Lundqvist: She creates a presence in all her roles regardless of character or genre very coonvincingly and competently over time. An actress with a great range. children and youth talent prize: Two girls: Thea Karmgård och Linnéa Lundström: Two child actors who act with an obvious and natural expression which is very difficult for children to create - to be unaware of the camera and the production team. Their performances feel genuine and true.

Årets Regionpris: Robin Widell: A regional talent who creates films with regional resources, with a quality on a national level.

Jury Talent Award: Fredrik Hellqvist
With limited resources, and conviction and determination he has created a film .

===International awards===

One Minute
Decay. A clear and complex film with a clear message which is delivered with force.

Best International Documentary
Standing with Standing Rock. A documentary made with great dedication to bring light to a complicated conflict.

Best International Feature Film
Wilderness. A film which explores the desire, love and conflict between the woman and the man in a very convincing manner.

Best Female Actor

Catalina Lavalle as Sophie, I did her wrong. She plays her role which gives us an inner view of her melancholy in a natural way.

Best Male Actor
Tony Plana as Paul, Swimming In the Desert. He plays his role in a realistic, natural and convincing way.

Best Photography
The Albino's Trees. An outstanding photography with focus, which carefully takes into account all aspects of the visual expression.

Best Screenplay
Wilderness. A cohesive script which is consistently well-crafted in every moment.

Best Directing
Wilderness. The director creates the intimate and close feeling in a convincing way, letting us follow the two people on their emotional journey.

Best Shortfilm
Margherita. A film which dares to challenge the spectator and religious convictions.

Best Animation
Below 0°. Beautiful scenery, a moving score and perfect pacing.

The festival tool place Sept 16 th - 24 th 2017, in Västerås, Sweden.

Västerås Filmfestival was founded in 2015 and we showed about 230 films. Now in its third year. The mission of the Festival is to promote and increase interest in quality films, and production on regional, national and international levels.

We are working with rooster film festival in China. One of the world's largest. We send one of the appropriate Nordic film to the Chinese Film Festival. And it will compete in both competition.

There will be films from Sweden and around the world. We are going to have a competition open for students in secondary schools for 1 minute long films on a certain theme.

Last year's winners were of high quality and from around the world. There were also Swedish and regional films among the winning contributions.

In addition to film screenings we will also organise workshops, debates, interviews and other events, and on Oct 1st we have a grand gala event, with dinner, award ceremony, mingel and party.


Special Award children and youth talent prize (under 18 years)

Jury Talent Award:
Swedish Talent Prize (over 18 year old)

Helo Actors Award:
The new Star Prize (over 18 year old acort/actress)

Jury Honorary Award:
Swedish Honorary prize

International Prize
Festival Certificate will go to:
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay Writer (of produced film)

Best One minute film (International)
Best Short Film (International)
Best Documentary Film (International)
Best Feature film (International)
Best Animation film (International)

National film
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Screenplay Writer (of produced film)

Best Swedish Short film (National)
Best Swedish Documentary film (National)

Nordic Prize
Best Feature film

To be considered for the competition, the film must have been produced 2017 or 2018. Otherwise it can still be considered for screening outside competition.

If the film is *not* in English or Swedish, subtitles in one of those two languages are required.
Films in English are encouraged to have Swedish subtitles.

Full feature films (60 minutes or longer) must be in DCP format.
All films must be in HD format or 2K

Category range.
1 Minute film (1 min.),
Short film from1 to 59 min.)
Feature film (60 min. or longer)
Documentary (National, regional, film school)

Overall Rating
  • Sajan Shrestha

    Very nice film festival ceremony.

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for the great response. Good luck with filmmaking and please visit us again in the future.

  • Cynthia Bergen

    Thank you for selecting The Face Swap & Wood Man.
    Keep the good work supporting Indie Films.
    Cynthia Bergen
    No Sleep Films

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Hi! It was a nice and good film.

    We thank you for the great response. Good luck with filmmaking and please visit us again in the future.

  • Ember Crowley

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the festival, however, the communication was so clear and friendly and thoughtful. It was such an honor to have been selected for screening my film with you! Thank you so, so much!!!

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    We thank you for the kind words. We wish you a successful future.

  • Bob Yothers

    Growing in prestige and attendance, this festival is filled with wonderful organizers and will be one to watch in the coming years.

    October 2017
    Response from festival:

    Yes we are groing! We thank you for the great response. Good luck with filmmaking and please visit us again in the future.

  • Johan Skantze

    Can't say much about the actual film festival as we hadn't the time to attend. But the gala was great! Nice atmosphere making you feel like an Oscar nominee. :) Unfortunately we weren't given much replies on questions regarding practicals from the festival office.

    October 2017