Vanishing Angle is a full-service production studio that nurtures the freshest voices in the independent film community while pushing the limits of speed and efficiency with award-winning films and series. Recent feature film credits include BEAST BEAST (Sundance Film Festival), GREENER GRASS (Sundance Film Festival); THUNDER ROAD (Spirit Award nominee and Grand Jury Prize at SXSW); A BREAD FACTORY (Spirit Award nominee); WE THE COYOTES (Cannes Film Festival); TOO LATE (starring Academy Award® Nominee John Hawkes); and THE GRIEF OF OTHERS (SXSW and Cannes Film Festival). Series and short credits include STARGATE ORIGINS (MGM), MATPAT’S GAME LAB (Streamy Award), THE ROBBERY (Sundance Film Festival), HOW DOES IT START (Sundance Film Festival), among others. Vanishing Angle is currently in post-production on Ubisoft's WEREWOLVES WITHIN, Jim Cummings’ newest films THE BETA TEST and THE WEREWOLF, and LGBTQ film SEE YOU THEN.

We treat short films as so much more important than just a calling card. Short films instigated key creative growth for many of our directors, creating new worlds and characters that they fell in love with and built from. Several of Vanishing Angle’s recent features, including Beast Beast (Sundance), Greener Grass (Sundance, Locarno), and Thunder Road (SXSW Grand Jury Prize, Cannes), all started as award-winning shorts.

Vanishing Angle will be partnering with post-production house DryDock to offer free post-finishing services to one short film every year. These services include color-correction, DCP creation, film festival strategy sessions, and marketing and release planning. These services are valued at approximately $10,000.

Any short film under 20 minutes is eligible, but we are especially interested in films with a strong sense of vision and craft. Filmmakers must submit a short film that is in the post-production process. It can be in any form from rough cut to picture lock.