VandaliaTV is a curated showcase of films created in West Virginia. The site functions as a year round festival, or pseudo streaming service that shares videos hosted by the filmmakers.

VandaliaTV is looking for films from West Virginia Filmmakers that are already available online. Films that are past their festival run, that now live on the social channels of the filmmaking group. The idea is to share past works of currently working filmmakers and push an audience to their new projects! 

VandaliaTV accepts submissions through the platform FilmFreeway. Before submitting you will need to register an account and enter your projects there. FilmFreeway is an open, safe, and free (to register) festival submission service that is widely used by filmmakers from all over. A submission window for VandaliaTV will be announced quarterly and selected projects will be contacted soon after.

All submitted projects MUST INCLUDE:

-A 1920x1080 Thumbnail. The name of the film has to be clearly legible on the thumbnail. The background cannot be black.

-A short synopsis of the film. 2-3 sentences works perfectly!

By submitting this form you are allowing VandaliaTV to review, feature, share, and promote any piece of work attached to the submission.

REQUIRED: All projects must have a 1920x1080 Thumbnail with the title of the film clearly visible on it. This will be used for navigation on the website. Please refer to projects already on the site if you need additional clarification.

VandaliaTV WILL NOT re-host your content and will only act as a hub to access the content on a host of your choosing. If your film is available on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or other embed capable video sites, we simply use that embed.

Submission to VandaliaTV does not guarantee your work will be selected. Works will be reviewed, and content will be curated.

Provided contact information can be used by VandaliaTV to request additional materials (clips, pictures, logos, graphics, etc.) for promotional uses. Selected works are not guaranteed to be included in promotional materials. The submitter will be consulted before work is used for promotion. The work may potentially be promoted on social platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or Twitter.

If at a later date you would like your work removed from VandaliaTV, please contact us at "". Please allow 5-7 business days for the removal request to process.

You control full rights to your work, and VandaliaTV only acts as a hub and promotional platform for your work and creative entity.