The VIMFF provides outdoor communities around the world with international mountain film screenings, live multimedia presentations, photo exhibitions, workshops, seminars and other special events. We offer in person shows as well as virtual streaming events, and our World Tour travelling shows featuring award winning films. Driven by a passion for film, culture and the outdoors, we seek to advance the appreciation of films and film-making while inspiring, informing and educating the public in these areas.

For the upcoming season, we will plan to offer monthly virtual shows featuring select films, our 2020 Fall Series event running from November 20-29, and our 2021 February Festival. See below for more details about film submissions, awards and prizes, and rules and terms for these events.

Festivals around the globe have had to adapt and evolve to the new world in 2020 and the VIMFF is embracing these changes with a fresh vision for our events.

Since the pandemic lockdown of Spring 2020, the VIMFF has expanded to offer online film streaming events to a global audience of mountain film lovers.

The VIMFF is still committed to serving our local outdoor community with engaging live events, film screenings, workshops and seminars. We believe that theatres are a sacred space, and the best medium in which to experience film. We can’t wait to return to the cinemas and begin supporting our local independent theatres again.

However, with the uncertainty surrounding the return of public gatherings, the VIMFF has decided to plan future festival events combining both live theatre shows and online streaming options. We hope to connect with our local community in person but if this is not possible, we want to be able to provide our viewers with programs in the comfort of their home and expand our reach to include our friends around the world.

For many years, the VIMFF has hosted our ‘Fall Series’ – a mini film festival in October/November each year. This year, for the first time, we will run a film submission cycle for the Fall Series from July 1–August 15 2020. The 2020 Fall Series event will run from November 20-29 and we will do our best to offer shows both in theatres and also online.

Films selected for the Fall Series will enjoy a share of the revenues from online ticket sales; those shown at in-person events will be compensated with a fixed screening fee based on the venue size. Preference will be given to those films not already available online.

To date, our online streaming events have been an incredible success for the filmmakers involved and we have expanded our reach to include viewers across Canada, the US and Europe. We hope that you will choose to submit your latest film to the VIMFF for consideration at our next event.

Our flagship festival is planned for February 2021, where films will compete for top awards and prize money. Submissions for the main festival will run from September 1–October 31 2020.

Fall Series 2020
Films selected for the Fall Series will enjoy a share of the revenues from online ticket sales; those shown at in-person events will be compensated with a fixed screening fee based on the venue size.

Festival (February 2021)
Festival Grand Prize: $2,000
Best Mountain Culture Film: (B.C.M.C. Award) / $1,000
Best Climbing Film: (The Alpine Club of Canada Award) / $1,000
Best Canadian Film: $1000
Best Adventure Film: $500
Best Mountain Sport Film: $500
Best Environmental Film: $500
Best Short Film: $500
Prize funds listed in Canadian Dollars.

Films that are not available online for free streaming are preferred.

Professional and amateur films from anywhere in the world are invited to participate. We welcome documentary, fiction, animated and experimental features dealing with mountain culture, environment, and mountain sports/adventures.

Non-English speaking films must be accompanied by English subtitles.

The Entrant grants the VIMFF the right to copy the film to facilitate festival operations. This generally includes but is not limited to providing the film to festival staff and jury members, loans to media reviewing the festival, creating backups, and changing the media format for technical purposes.

The Entrant grants the VIMFF the right to use short clips from the film for promotional purposes. These clips are generally less than 15 seconds and are used to compose the VIMFF trailer, which is screened at the start of each VIMFF event and is made available on the VIMFF channels.

The Entrant grants the VIMFF the right to use any images provided for the promotional use of events related to the submission and/or the VIMFF events.

Overall Rating
  • Benjamin Jordan

    I love VIMFF. The organizers have developed a fantastic festival, set in one of the most beautiful places in the world. They represent top-shelf films and are willing to stand behind films that other Mountain/Outdoor festivals may consider to be too edgy or avant garde for the general audience.

    Bravo VIMFF and everyone behind the incredible events that you do. I'll be back with my next project before long!


    March 2020