we are an arctic filmfestival, that is taking place in Vardø, a small fishing community far up in northern norway, close to the russian and finnish border. think beautiful island, amazing nature, stunning ocean, mesmerising landscape, welcoming community and super windy, bliss.

working with the existing buildings in the city scape, from a bygone era, we wake them gently from hibernation mode and create screening spaces all over this special island: fishing sheds, abandoned buildings, and empty houses.

in addition to the fantastic film program we will be running, in conjunction with the community, we will have superb food events that showcase the northern larder, have engaging creative performances, concerts, art performances, workshops, conversations and lots of fun.

the festivals prize "the fireweed" is an audience award and is presented by the people of vardø.

we are open to all kinds of films and genres, new and old, short, feature length, artfilms, ... so long as they approach the theme of a CROSSING (physical, mental, geographical, spiritual, emotional, ethical, intergalactic). we welcome films from both professional film makers and others.

if you have any questions or if you can't pay the submission fee, please contact us: crossings@komafest.com

submission fee: 100 NOK (approx. $10)
submission fee, students/films from the north: 70 NOK (approx. $7)

by submitting your short film, you agree to grant crossings film festival permission to publicly exhibit the entered film at crossings, with the warrant that the film does not infringe any third party rights. you also allow crossings to use your film in advertising the festival, either on-screen or social media.