The rare disease international film festival is the first and only film festival on rare diseases in Europe. It collects and promotes the best video works on rare diseases and social inclusion through an international competition and works with public and private partners, both national and international, the rare diseases community, disability advocates, entertainment and film culture professionals. It is a cultural project created by Claudia Crisafio, actress and author, and Serena Bartezzati, a rare patient and professional in the field of communication. Both share Ingmar Bergam’s claim: “There is no art form like cinema to strike the conscience, shake the emotions and reach the secret rooms of the soul.”
Our aim is to hold annual awareness-raising event on rare diseases and disability issues to share knowledge, information and experience. We believe that sharing knowledge and speaking about rare disease and disability can make life easier for persons affected by rare disease and/or disability, their family members and caregivers. It is important to break the isolation rare disease patients and their families, one of the most felt problems especially by younger generations.


UNO SGUARDO RARO is receptive and takes up the influences of the communities with which it enters into contact. In these years we have opened the Festival to topics that are close to rare diseases, such as disability, empathy, resilience, the ability to overcome one’s limits, this to celebrate the qualities that people with disabilities of any kind put in place to live their lives to the full.

Short films of any kind of narrative on the theme of rare diseases, disability, empathy, resilience, the ability to overcome one’s limits, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, including head and tail titles, only of Italian nationality, published or unpublished.

Short films of any kind of narrative on the theme of rare diseases, disability, empathy, resilience, the ability to overcome one’s limits, with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, including head and tail titles, of any nationality, published or unpublished.

Animation short films on the theme of rare diseases, disability, empathy, resilience, the ability to overcome one’s limits of maximum duration of 15 minutes, including head and tail titles, of any nationality, published or unpublished.

Documentaries on the theme of rare diseases, disability, empathy, resilience, the ability to overcome one’s limits with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, including head and tail titles, of any nationality, published or unpublished.

SHORT FILM/SPOT in collaboration with FERPI the Italian Federation of Public Relations
Category dedicated especially to Patient Organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies that can participate with a spot or short films on disease awareness or behavioral change with a maximum duration of 15 minutes, including head and tail titles and credits, Italian or international, published or unpublished.

INSTITUTIONAL SHORT FILM/SPOT ON COMMUNICATION IN HEALTH in collaboration with PA SOCIAL the Institutional Communicators Italian Association
Category reserved only for Italian Spot and Short Films created and promoted by Hospitals, ASL, Patient Organizations active in Hospitals, for internal and external public with a maximum duration of 15 minutes including head and tail titles, published or unpublished.

We are willing to reward and promote works that can arise awareness in public opinion on the issue of rare diseases and on the impact that these diseases have on the lives of those affected and their families. The challenge is to find a new involving way to communicate this difficult subject with no pietism but with a high emotional impact. Movies can translate the dry and abstract scientific information in a language that anybody can understand making the daily life of who lives with a disease or a disability real and comprehensible.

→ Uno Sguardo Raro Film Festival is proud to announce that winners will receive a prize of the amount of €500,00 Euro for Best Italian Short Film, Best International Short Film, Best Documentary and Best Animation Short Film
→ All winners will receive award certificates and plaques.
→ All nominated films will receive official laurels.

As we think that all participants are winners, we are studying a way to guarantee the deserved visibility too all, but the contest makes the event more lively, so:
A pre-selection jury will select the works for the quality jury. The quality jury, formed by cinema professionals, television and entertainment professionals, members of the rare disease community and of the world of communication.
The quality jury will choose among the pre-selected works those the finalists for each category, which will be UPLOADED ONLINE ON THE FESTIVAL’S WEB SITE visible only to registered users.
The quality jury will decide the winners, who will be screened at the Final Awards Ceremony of Uno Sguardo Raro 2020:


In addition to the technical qualities, the quality jury will assess in a particularly positive way the works that:
- address rare diseases in an evocative, exciting and original way;
- promote knowledge and, above all, the awareness of the subject, overcoming all prejudice;
- highlight the clichés and stereotypes of collective imagery;
- enhance the rare disease community as a resource, and express it with imagination and irony;
- identify a pathway to integration and inclusion for isolated people.
The quality jury may award with ex-aequo prizes or with special mentions.
Works that will highlight themes such as empathy, different skills, tenacity and resilience will be preselected to participate our special prize Heyoka. Voting will be on line on the Festivals web site, and the winner will be screened in one of the venues of the Festival.
This year public will vote for the Special Popular Jury Award, through the Festival’s website and the winner will be screened at the Final Awards Ceremony 2020. Excluded from this prize the categories Communication in Health and “FERPI”

Registration is free of charge and takes place exclusively online through the FilmFreeway platform
THE DEADLINE for the registration of the works to the competition ends on 30 November 2019. The Organization reserves the right to extend this date by communicating it on the FilmFreeway profile and on the website.
All works of must be subtitled in English, even the English spoken ones, otherwise they will be excluded from the selection
The work must not have been already a finalist or winner in the previous editions of the Festival.
Any additional material must be sent only in case of selection to the final phase of the competition and on request of the Organization.

1. This agreement ("Agreement") is between you ("You" or "filmmaker") and Uno Sguardo Raro – International Film Festival on Rare Diseases (“Festival").
2. You are hereby release your submitted film to be screened at the Festival.
3. In submitting tour film, You agree to the following:
a. Grant all rights, licenses, clearances and releases necessary for the exhibition of your film;
b. You declare that you have the authority to enter into this agreement;
c. You are responsible for all the footage. The contents of the works submitted to the Festival must be in order with all the laws on copyrights and author rights. The Festival and all the company connected to the Festival decline all responsibility on this regard.
d. You will not receive any compensation for the screening of your film;
e. You grant the Festival the right to screen the film at any of the Festivals locations or partner’s events for a period of two years from the date of uploading of the film;
f. You grant the Festival the right of distribution the right of digital distribution via streaming online on demand on a platform organized by the Festival and it’s partners;
g. You grant the Festival the right to use clips, posters, photographs and trailers of the film, as well as your inscription, name, image, likeness, photography and video, for programming, advertising, promotion and advertising purposes in all media, without compensation and without prior notice, approval or inspection;
h. You release, discharge and hold harmless the Festival, and the respective advertising and promotion agencies, and their staff, directors, shareholders, employees, agents and representatives, for any injury, liability, loss or damage of any kind to persons, including death or ownership, including film items, resulting, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by your participation in the Festival or any activity related to the Festival.
12. In the case of underage participants, the application for registration must be completed and signed by a parent or a substitute, with the name and surname of the child/participant below.
13. The choices made by the founders and organizers of the festival, the art direction and the juries are unquestionable.
14. Participation in the competition entails acceptance and compliance with all the rules of this competition notice.
15. The Court of Rome is competent for any disputes.

Overall Rating
  • kenan subaşı

    The festival was awesome and perfect

    February 2019
  • I am so honored that our film was in this great festival.

    February 2019
  • Very good communication, very well organized festival!

    February 2019
  • Very pleased to partecipate to that Festival. The quality of some works was awesome and the main theme was very interesting. I felt very happy to be one of the finalist and so incredibly overjoyed to win the best documentary!

    February 2019
  • Marco Toscani

    Ottima organizzazione e accoglienza.
    Un festival, sia per il profilo artistico che sociale, molto importante.

    February 2019