The Unnamed Footage Festival showcases features and short films all in the genre of found footage horror or faux documentary. With this event, we want to present to an audience these films as a legitimate cinematic movement, not a mere subgenre of horror. Spanning from shot on video experiments of the early 90s to new unreleased and underseen features, and not focusing specifically on horror, the Unnamed Footage Festival is set on opening a dialogue regarding the entertainment and artistic values of first person narrative filmmaking.

The slate of films will consist of narratives shot in the first person, and show the exciting diversity within the medium that has gone uncelebrated until now. While THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY defined the genre, many others have expanded and explored it more yet remain off the radar. UFF will offer audiences the chance to revisit older titles and discover new ones, while exploring comedy, science fiction, and drama, with an emphasis on the genre most often linked to found footage — horror movies.

UFF is currently looking for films made by anyone, anytime — there are no limits regarding completion date, or release status. Due to the nature of this genre, sometimes films take years to complete and slip through the cracks, and UFF’s goal is to hunt down and revive these movies, and give new films the chance to screen theatrically.

Films submitted and accepted will be considered in competition, to be voted on by the audience and a jury. Awards given:


Submissions must comply with one of the categories listed:
Found Footage Horror
Faux Documentary
POV Cinema
Hybrid Found Footage

There are no limits regarding completion date or release status as long as the submitter has the authority to grant us permission to screen, can provide the needed materials, and consent forms or proof of ownership.

Screening formats: DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS tape.

Once accepted, materials must be provided promptly.

Overall Rating
  • The best group of people. They make me want to make a found footage movie every year so I can enter perpetually.

    April 2022
  • David Torres

    Best festival!!!!!! I love the opportunity that gives for my film.

    March 2022
  • Honestly, this was the best festival experience I've ever had. I became acquainted with UFF after participating in their 2020 virtual online event during covid, but this year I was fortunate enough to attend the event in person, and had an absolute blast. Plus each year the festival team puts together these really cool VHS boxes with all different types of merchandise and memorabilia. Highly recommend.

    March 2022
  • James Schmitz

    The Unnamed Footage Festival is a great forum for unique films. Nothing like it. Super fun and welcoming. Spent 4 days in the vintage San Francisco watching a bunch of off-beat, unusual films. Couldn’t pick a better way to see the city. A friend of mine recently lamented that the City of S.F. that we grew up in is gone. Not true. Unnamed Footage fest keeps the underground edgy San Francisco alive and well in its lair of sin and iniquity.

    The Unnamed film festival had a fantastic lineup with a collection of some of the most interesting and unique visions. I saw 10 films with shorts before each feature. I saw most of the films and was in love with the program. They made fascinating selections of films that should be available widely. There was a great variety of styles all loosely within the found footage genre. I think the categories they established, though tongue in cheek, created parameters that brought in interesting creativity in the various films. Personal favorites were Skyman, Fraud, Feral and Phony, (and of course my film Peeping Tommy).

    After the screening they provided a forum for a Q and A and asked great questions bringing out the best in my film. Additionally I was interviewed by the podcast “The Overlook Hotel” a week before the festival and when I attended, I had quite a few audience members comment on, and quote me, from things I said in the podcast. Overlook Hotel has a growing audience that helped promote the festival and my film.

    These guys are creating a great alternative film community in San Francisco. They have their act together. They are well-organized, as the festival was held over 3 different venues across the city, home base being the vintage Balboa theater an Art Deco style neighborhood movie theater. It was super comfortable to watch movies. Balboa theater projectionists we’re accessible, informative and helpful and concerned to succeed. The picture and sound went off without a hitch. They prioritized all of my projection concerns and everything came off beautifully.

    My favorite aspect of the festival is that Clark, Russell, Madeleine, and Oksana (along with Balboa theater) are creating (or discovering) a super cool audience. The crowds were large enthusiastic and cinema loving. It was totally fun. Submit your film here and, if accepted, you’ll have the best audience.

    These guys rock the funnest time. Highly recommended to submit and attend.
    I’ll always remember these guys for treating my film the right way.

    I found a home away from home in Unnamed Film Festival.

    To Clark, Russell, Madeleine, Oksana thank you so much.

    James Schmitz
    Writer/Director of “Peeping Tommy”

    March 2020
  • Penny Penniston

    Friendly festival with an enthusiastic, engaged audience. They find interesting, off-beat films for their specific niche. Good communication, great venue, and-- overall-- a very good time!

    March 2020