XIII Edition
Universo Corto is an international short film festival that began in Pisa in 2004 and will have its XIII edition in 2020.
It is an independent review of free theme short films organized by the cultural association Giovani Persone.

The Festival is directed primarily to university, post-graduate and cienma accademies students, but it's also open to indipendent cinema's directors. Since the first edition, the presidency of the event has been permanently held by the director Roberto Faenza.

Our former jury Chairmen: Roberto Faenza, Marco Bellocchio, Oliviero Toscani, Mario Dondero, Roan Johnson, Luca Lionello, Leslie & Robert Zemeckis.

Jury Award
Audience Award

UNIVERSO CORTO 13th edition
International short film festival free theme

Short films directed by directors preferentially enrolled in universities, post-graduate courses and film schools both in Italy and abroad, or coming from independent cinema area allowed.
To encourage maximum participation in the competition, registration for the festival is, however, free and not subject to any type of restriction.
The festival has a free theme, without subject or genre limitations (fiction, documentaries, animation, etc.). The short films entered all compete in a single section.
The short films must have been shot no earlier than 1 January 2016.
Short films that have participated in previous editions of Short Universe will not be admitted.
Short films are allowed in any language. The short films shot in a language other than Italian will have to carry subtitles in Italian or in English.
Short films with a maximum duration of 15 minutes are allowed. The Festival management reserves the right to admit in exceptional cases works lasting no more than 30 minutes.
The short films submitted for participation must be final versions, already ready for eventual screening.
All participating short films, regardless of subject or genre, compete in only one section, whose winners will be chosen by a technical jury. The public award will be decided on the basis of the votes cast by the public present during the screening evenings.

The short films must be sent no later than June 20, 2020 (for mail items will be postmarked).

Admission to the final
The winners must get in touch with the organization of the Festival and request the outcome of the competition.

To register for the competition it is necessary to follow what is provided in the appropriate
registration section of the site www.universocorto.org.
For participation in the competition it is necessary to pay the registration fee of € 15 in the ways indicated in the registration section.
Failure to pay the registration fee will result in exclusion from the competition.

The short films must be sent no later than June 20, 2020. For posters sent by post, the postmark will be valid.
Short films sent over this limit or that do not comply with all the requirements indicated in this announcement will be automatically excluded from the Festival.

Copy of the short film, in final version on DVD or miniDV support or video-sharing link.
Complete entry form, signed by the director or on-line registration on this site.
Complete technical data sheet (a facsimile of the technical data sheet is available at the bottom of the tender).

Short film press kit (optional).

Photos and biography of the director (s) (optional).

Trailers, posters and postcards of the short film if available (optional). all the participation materials must be sent together, in a single package. It is necessary to send the entire short film. Sending only the trailer is not sufficient for the purposes of entering the competition. The material submitted for participation in the competition will not be returned.

Participation in the Festival includes a registration fee of € 15.

Each DVD (or miniDV) must include the title of the short film, the duration, the name of the director and the email contact.

Each director can participate with more than one short film, but each one must be sent in a separate DVD, and must be accompanied by their entry form and their own technical sheet.

In the case, shipping costs are the responsibility of the participants. The organization recommends shipping with protective packaging. The Festival will not be responsible for any damage suffered by the material during shipment.

If interested in receiving notice of receipt of the package of participation, participants are invited to make a shipment by registered mail with return receipt. The organization of the Festival will not be required to confirm receipt by telephone or email.

The material submitted for participation (DVD, miniDV, press-kit etc.) will not be returned. With the registration of the short film the author gives specific consent to be screened during the days of the Festival and possibly used for further promotion or related to the event.

The personal information of the participants will be used exclusively for the purposes of the Festival and its promotion, in accordance with Italian laws on privacy.