The festival is the first of its kind in the region to feature the works of women in different genres; drama, comedy, fiction, documentary, animation and experimental film productions. It aims to empower women film makers from all walks of life. We believe that through this initiative, we will provide a platform for established and emerging female talents in the film industry. This platform avails opportunities for women film makers to exhibit their work, discuss and share their experiences and challenges. Network with professional film makers, meet their supporters and interact with other major players in the industry. In so doing, we aim to encourage social change and elevate women’s status at home and in the workplace. The festival has been running for four years now featuring,
¥ Film screenings.
¥ Filmmakers’ forum.
¥ Capacity building workshops.
¥ Co-productions with other festivals in Africa and the world over.
The 5th edition of UIWFF is slated for the 16th to 20th of October, 2018. This year’s theme is “If We ran The World…” We aim to have women from around the world, particularly Kenyan and African women to participate in this year’s theme by submitting a short video answering the question “IF WE RAN THE WORLD…” A hashtag will also be created to engage women and men around the world via social media.
Workshops that will be carried out during the festival;
• Sound capture, design and mixing and film scoring.
• Creative writing
• Acting
• Dada Pitch, distribution and marketing

All WINNERS will receive a customized printable certificate and the following:
Jury's Choice: Best Short Film...*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Feature Film.....................*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Web series .......................*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW 
Best Documentary ..........*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Suspense/Thriller ....*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW 
Best Comedy ....................*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Experimental Film...........*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW 
Best Animation ................*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Script............ *Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Music Video...*Receives a DADA TROPHY and a PROMOTIONAL REVIEW
Best Actor 
Best Actress 
Best Director
Best Supporting Actor 
Best Supporting Actress 
Best Cinematography 
Best Music 
Best Editing 
Best Screenplay 
Best Production Design 
Best Sound Design
Best costume design and make up

1. Films must be between 10-20 minutes(shorts) between 60-120 minutes (features) or
(including credits).
2. Films must be completed after January 1st, 2017.
3. Films must be submitted with either a Vimeo private link or FilmFreeway screening file. Youtube links, physical copies, or any other platforms are currently not accepted. File format MP4 ONLY
4. Any films with non-English dialogue or text must be submitted with subtitles.
5. Films must not be publicly available to audiences either online or on any other platform (public festival screenings are perfectly fine).
6. Quality standards must be met. This means films below 720p resolution, extremely poor audio quality, and/ or extensively sub-par production quality will not be considered. The maximum accepted resolution is 1080p
7. Films that have already won or been nominated for an award through our festival cannot be resubmitted.
8. The submission of your film certifies that you have the full ownership of the rights granted above on the submitted film according to our regulations; and acknowledges that UIWFF is not liable for any claims or expenses asked from any third party regarding rights matter.
9. By submitting your film, you accept that UIWFF has full authority to keep your film archived indefinitely. Submitted films may be kept and may be transferred for a better preservation on a new device (digitalization or copy). UIWFF may also use the films for its educational, promotional and non-commercial activities. Films archived will never be shown or released by UIWFF in full online without direct consent of its owners.
10. Submitting a film to the festival implies the full acceptance of the terms mentioned above.