INPUT is a unique event — held in a different country each year and encourages the development of public media by screening and debating the most outstanding programs and multi-platform media from around the world. It also organizes many other activities smaller INPUT events throughout the year in dozens of countries. In doing so, INPUT provides a unique professional development opportunity for producers, directors, writers and all those — including independent producers – who contribute to public broadcasting around the world. To be considered for screening at INPUT 2024 Charleston, U.S. producers must submit entries to U.S. INPUT Pre-selection. A national panel of public media professionals will select the finalists to move onto international selection.

Productions submitted should not have been broadcast or published before 1 January 2023.

The main feature of the INPUT conference is the professional discussion, which follows each screening of a production. For this reason, all productions screened at INPUT 2024 have to be accompanied by a key person involved with the programme like the director, author, commissioning editor or producer.

The INPUT conference is open to all interested media professionals. More information about INPUT 2024 Charleston will be available soon here: (hyperlink

For each selected production to be screened in Charleston, one representative can register free of charge. INPUT requires that all travel and accommodation costs are to be borne by the submitter. U.S. INPUT at SCETV will provide a limited number of travel grants to assist with travel (made available by the ETV Endowment of South Carolina.)

Productions submitted to the conference may not include any commercial advertising.
A co-production will be regarded as the submission of whichever organization submits it. All co-production partners must be named on the submission form. It will be presumed by INPUT and the conference host that the other co-producers have agreed to the productions being submitted.

INPUT shall have the right to:

• submitter must provide a caption file of submission.

• submitters must allow their production to be accessed in the INPUT video library between 10 and 20 May 2024.

• screen the productions during the yearly conference and make it available in the video library to the registered conference delegates,

• screen the productions during Mini-INPUTs during one year after the main conference and

• release stills and excerpts of up to 3 minutes from any submission for screening free of charge by TV stations reporting on the conference or for use on the Internet or other media.