Accepting submission of the 2022 Golden Film Award in March...

Last Year 2021 GFA event takes a seemingly different approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the organizers creating a unique experience by going hybrid event. The award night was co-hosted by GFA with IFSM Fashion Gala. The onsite event will be graced by some VIP guests and US nominees. Other nominees and industry professionals will watch the event online.
“In Last December 2021 We are excited to share with you all that we have recently released our list of nominees for every award category for GFA 2021. We are also glad that this time we will finally be able to host the award night on-site in LA as an in-person event. However, given the existing pandemic restrictions, we have limited our in-person attendees to some VIPs and US nominees while our other nominees will watch the event online. We hope, in the coming year, we will be able to welcome all our nominees from all countries”, stated the leading spokesperson from the GFA committee. virtual. through a streaming partnership with

This year 2022 GFA seeks to showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers by utilizing both in person & virtual screening platform to share these films with a worldwide audience. "GFA enables filmmakers to hone their craft, promote their work, and interact with a global audience."

The organizers of the awards congratulate all filmmakers for their dedication and hard works to pursue their dream while reeling out the list of GFA winners chosen from 30 countries and regional zones.

Last Year 2021 USHIFF Golden Film Awards (GFA) Winners

This Year 2022 US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards Star Studded premiere red carpet Golden Film Awards ceremony will be held in Hollywood, California during the month of December 15, 2022,
The US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Awards & Int'l Films Tour is an annual community event. The festival will showcase feature & shorts films from around the world as well as providing a amazing Int'l distribution platform for up and coming filmmakers in independent feature films .
Representing the art and craft of cinematic storytelling, the festival is a platform for fostering meaningful global communication between all cultures through Cinema. The goal of the founders is to expose international talent and to build bridges of understanding and creativity within the film industry.

This is a great opportunity to expose a diverse range of talent to not only the public, but to distributors, investors and others who are in the business of film and fashion.
We invite a new generation of filmmakers to “Twist the System” by rewarding unique and unorthodox approaches to film making, GFA emphasizes emerging technologies such as mobile devices and digital media in film production and distribution.

The Golden Film Awards will serve to showcase both established and undiscovered filmmakers by utilizing online video platform, and social media to share these films with a worldwide audience. The Festival Panel encourages and embraces "transmedia," a style of film making that encourages interaction with the audience, specifically through the internet, social media, and online venues. Audience participation is the driving force in media today. Google, Facebook, Twitter, are all shaped by and shape the content we partake in, absorb and mold. That's what this years’ festival is about.

The Best Way To Get Recognition both Your Feature & Shorts Film
US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Awards enthusiastically pursues its artistic and public service goals; to enrich, to educate, to entertain, to initiate, to enhance cultural dialogue and celebrate cinematic excellence in any language. Our principle objectives encompass promoting film to an ever-widening audience as a powerful medium that inspires creativity, encourages introspection and compels exploration. The US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award (GFA) aims for a leadership role in providing an extensive forum for multicultural exchange in the heart of Hollywood and beyond. Also our goal is to search out skilled and creative next generation filmmakers and bring their work together – presenting them in an international, culturally political framework in order to best facilitate the exchange of imaginative ideas.

Categories: Film Competition
Music Video
Social Conscience

If you're seeking opportunities to get your shorts/feature film in the film festival, submitting your to US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Awards (GFA) . Which is an effective and proven path to put your short or feature in the eye of filmmakers, directors, producers and other key visual media industry personnel and may be can get nominated for awards

If your work is chosen and you are nominated, you will receive an invitation to exhibit your film(s) at the Golden Film Awards ceremony and all GFA winners are invited to screen their films in Hollywood, Ca, You will receive detailed instructions on submitting a master video file at that time.
Show the world what you can do! US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Awards is now accepting submissions for its International celebration of cinematic arts.

All Winners Will receive laurels ,certificate and will be listed on the respective winners page on our site.

For a complete listing of 2021 GFA Winners

US Hollywood International Golden Film Awards (GFA)
Award Categories
Outstanding Picture
Outstanding Director
Outstanding Actor
Outstanding Actress
Outstanding Supporting Actor
Outstanding Supporting Actress
Outstanding Foreign Film
Outstanding Up & Comer Actor
Outstanding Up & Comer Actress
Outstanding Short film
Outstanding Achievement
Outstanding Music
Outstanding Cinematography
Outstanding Editing
Outstanding Animation
Outstanding Screenplay
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Foreign Film
Up & Comer Actor
Up & Comer Actress
Best Original Song
Best Music Video
Best Documentary
Best Short film
GFA Outstanding Achievement
Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Visual effect
and much more...

Terms of Service & General Rules.
US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award (GFA) reserves the right to exclude a film From the festival.
In our effort to go green, all GFA communication will be preferred in email format If selected, confirmation email will be sent to the contact person provided.
Participating in the film festival implies acceptance and understanding of festival terms and condition.
General rules and Terms and Condition will use “film” for the film material submitted as part of the submission process. This will be applicable for all categories of film
The first cycle of the US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Awards its showcase is seeking submissions for the Narrative category. Filmmakers and students that are at least 18 years old from every country are eligible to participate.
Submissions must be delivered electronically not later than by Nov 15 ,2021.
General rules are below. Please find category specific additional information under the category tab.
All out-of-state filmmakers chosen to screen their work will be invited to attend the festival and will receive discounted hotel rooms.
If selected, filmmakers authorize US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Awards (GFA) to conduct up to Red Carpet Premiere Awards Ceremony during the 2022-2023 US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Awards. Any other marketing materials you wish to be used to promote your film.
Filmmakers authorize GFA to run trailers and promos of selected films as called for on local news media, television stations, Magazine…etc.
Selected films will be also eligible for a Jury Award chosen by a committee panel to the online festival will be able to cast their vote for the audience choice award. The Awards ceremony will take place in around Dec18, 2022
For information visit or direct all inquiries to,
We as GFA is aiming to attract young film-makers to submit work for its festival, though there are no age limitations for entry beyond an 18+ stipulation. All entries must not have been distributed prior to January 1, 2020 and can be no more than 45 minutes in length for shorts and features that are at least 45 minutes long. Organizers will take submissions between beginning in March 16, 2021
When will I know if my film is accepted by GFA?
If you submitted a film you will receive an email from GFA and or its affiliate partner(s) confirming that we have received your entry or if your entry is incomplete. All filmmakers will be sent a notification of their film’s final status no later than Nov 5, 2022
No news is good news! If you haven’t heard from us yet it means your film is still in the running.
Please don’t feel panicked unless you still haven’t heard from us at all by Nov 5, 2017. However, it gets pretty hectic around here. If you haven’t heard anything by Nov 10, please feel free to check in with us after that date. For more general information on GFA, email us at, The US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Awards – Independent Films Production & Int'l Films Tour is one of the most amazing independent film festival, takes place during four days and concurrently with the Festival in Los Angeles

Most importantly, we are about the FILMMAKERS. If you are accepted into our festival, you will be treated to a number of FILMMAKER exclusives, including private reception, awards ceremony, after party...etc. Los Angeles is rich in tradition: Hollywood is the home of film industry, Our Festival will be holding events in greater Los Angeles area, Ca.- some screening in Hollywood, Hollywood and Glendale, as well as beautiful + artistic downtown Los Angeles
The Festival will be showcasing films of all types/genres, including features, documentaries, fashion shorts, music videos, family-friendly films and those with a World beat!
The US Hollywood Intl Golden Film Awards and its affiliated is hereby granted the right to utilize an excerpt from any film submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements and regulations. The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless The Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Awards from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

Overall Rating
  • This was a fantastic festival! All of the volunteers were very welcoming, and the awards ceremony was so much fun! There was a fashion show that was mixed in with the awards ceremony, so it was a fun, unique experience. I definitely recommend this festival to all filmmakers!

    December 2021

    This festival is WONDERFUL. The people who run it are amazing. The awards show was stellar--red carpet, interviews, photographs, dinner, dessert, wine, musical performances, fashion show, beautiful trophies and much more. They made us feel so welcome and like we were movie stars. We would love to participate in this festival again. Thank you for everything!

    December 2021
  • Great Festival to be involved in!

    December 2021
  • I am blessed and honored to have my faith-base/horror/drama screenplay At The Mercy Of Faith selected as Nominee in the US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award.

    December 2021
  • Toby Yarbrough

    Sorry for the last reply just dealing with my disability, this festival was great and everyone was super I would put my next film into this festival

    January 2021