UNTHINKABLE is a Hull based film festival in it's first year. We are set up as a charity, in partnership with Hull Truck Theatre and HIC (Hull Independent Cinema) . Our two main aims our to encourage local film making talent in the Hull region and provide a platform for 'Unthinkable' films from around the world.

We all know film is considered the 7th art. As part of our festival we want to celebrate all the other art forms which film touches including but not limited to music, performance, design and painting's. The date of our festival has been carefully selected to conicide with Hull fair, the largest fair in Europe. Providing all our attendes a feast for there film making senses

There is no set genre or requirements for submissions, other than the project length which has to be under 15 minutes. We want to see orignal ideas, pushing what people think. Production value is of absolutely no importance at all

The festival is honoured to have a selection of local creative experts involved as patrons of the festival including Mark Herman (director of boy in the stripped Pyjamas) Vincent Ragan (actor from 300) and Richie Culver (artist and musician). They will be assisting on the judging panel as well as giving

12th October (day) - Richie Culver waltz performance at Hull fair
13th October (evening) - Screening at Hull Truck Theatre
13th October (night) - After party by Richie Culver and Participant records
14th October (Afternoon) - Opening of UNTHINKABLE pop up down humber street
14th October (night) - Hull Dub Club x Unthinkable closing party at The Adelphi

There will be two prizes for films

1. Judges choice
2. Audience Choice

Each winner will receive a custom UNTHINKABLE trophy and a cash prize

1. You're film must be under 15 minutes
2. Should your film be selected, you will be required to provide a Quicktime ProRes file and a DCP of your film.
3. All entries must be in English or contain English subtitles if not in the English language.