Pornography at the intersection of art and activism

UNCENSORED is a three-day interdisciplinary festival on pornography at the intersection of art and activism taking place on 17th-18th-19th May 2019 in London, UK. It brings together more than 30 artists, sex practitioners and activists from the UK and abroad. The programme consists of workshops, performances, talks, a party, a roundtable discussion, as well as a mixed media exhibition and a film screening event which will be selected through an international open call process.

UNCENSORED is for the lovers of pornography, the art lovers and those who reject the distinction between the two genres; for sexy, kinky and deviant audiences; for the fabulous and the monstrous, the fierce, the timid and the curious; for the persistently feminist, unapologetically queer and their uncompromising critical approach to the politics of pleasure.

UNCENSORED will reflect on the existing and forthcoming legislation regarding sexually explicit content in the UK. It will address the ever-growing incidences of censorship in web platforms, explore diverse permutations of censorship along with their artistic and political implications and map what is at stake in the regulation of pornography in the 21st century.

UNCENSORED will celebrate freedom of expression and create a dialogue between art, pornography and queer-feminist politics. We aim to produce an immersive, sex-positive space for collective reflection, exploration and play.

Read the Open Call guidelines here: https://uncensoredfest.com/open-call/

Open call Information
W: https://uncensoredfest.com/open-call/#about-uncensored
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/240775710210664/

UNCENSORED is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.