The 2024 University of Idaho Fish & Wildlife Film Festival has been cancelled. We will be posting updates for the 2025 festival on our webpage. Thank you for your interest and continued support!


The University of Idaho Fish & Wildlife Film Festival connects people with nature through film.

Films span a broad array of subjects, in the following categories:

+ Animal behavior and ecology
+ Science and research
+ Wildlife-human connections
+ "Wild Side" submissions (fun, creative, and unusual formats such as music videos, but should still be about wildlife)

The top 3 entries from each of the 4 categories will be awarded prizes, and the top entry, along with the best student (K-graduate school) entries from each category, will be screened at our festival, along with 1 or more longer (10-15 minutes) feature films from professional wildlife film makers (which should be entered as "feature films" when selecting an appropriate category during submission). Top entries will be determined by a panel of judges from the wildlife and creative professions.

Submissions guidelines:

1. All submissions should be 1-10 minutes long, unless submitting as a "feature film" (10-15 min), and should be primarily original footage taken by the submitter or their team members (i.e., little or no stock footage). The submitter must have received permission to use any non-original audio (i.e., music) or video content. Video quality should be HD to facilitate in-theatre screening.

2. All submissions should be based on scientifically-accurate information, and with the exception of "wild side" submissions, must include at least some verbal communication, which should be in english (or subtitled).

3. Film makers should indicate which category they think their submission should fall under (although we reserve the right to change submission categories as needed).

4. All submissions may be used in our film festival outreach activities during subsequent years.

5. Each film maker may only submit 2 films total, and each film must be in a separate category.

Overall Rating
  • Bluz River

    This was my first-ever film submission. The UI Team was exceptionally supportive and helpful during the process. I highly recommend them as an option for other aspiring or advanced filmmakers.

    December 2022
  • Such a wonderful festival! The folks at UI Fish & Wildlife Film Festival were very kind, communicative, and accommodating. They put on a great screening (virtual this year on account of COVID) and a Q&A via Zoom afterwards. It was a pleasure to see so many films made with heart and obvious consideration of scientific knowledge, and to learn more about the amazing species that inhabit our planet. Thank you!!!

    April 2021
  • I appreciate that they featured my film and that it went as far as being officially selected which gave audiences a chance to watch a film that they wouldn't ordinarily get to see just because it's not the kind of content that's picked up by mainstream media. For that, I truly wish to thank the folks at IFWFF and I look forward to submitting more films to the festival. Hoping that next year allows us to meet IN person. But well done on adapting to the current situation and being so accommodating of different styles of filmmaking and different filmmakers.

    April 2021
  • A very well Organised festival! Very kind, hospitable people, grate films to watch and I would submit again next year for sure! 5 Stars!

    April 2021
  • Harko Wubs

    Very glad to have my film at Fish and Wildlife Festival and very glad that my film ' the Human' received the 'wild side' award. The idea to team up with the wildlife virtual conference (because of Covid) was a good alternative.

    October 2020