Each school year, students from around the state gather to view, recognize, and celebrate the very best of student-produced film, audio, and broadcasting. Additionally, both students and teachers alike are able to participate in various workshops to build their skill sets and their passion for storytelling through film.

Entries that do not follow the Rules & Regulations are subject to penalty by the UHSFF-appointed judges. All decisions by the judges are final. The Board of Directors of the Film & Broadcast Coalition reserves the right to change or amend these Rules & Regulations, at any time, and without notice.

**Videos are eligible for entry if produced during the current school year by high school students.**


Teachers/Advisers are responsible for the content of each entry; do not submit anything that you feel goes against the following content rules: **Drugs & Alcohol** Don’t show or glamorize explicit drug use, tobacco or alcohol consumption in any way by making it look desirable, cool, or good. **Violence** Gratuitous violence is not accepted, which includes, but isn’t limited to excessive blood, showing a character being killed, or any other graphic violence. Any violence (i.e., fighting, use of a gun or other weapon, explosions involving characters, etc.) in a production must be an integral part of the story. **Sex & Nudity** Sexual references, innuendo, and dramatization is not accepted. Non-passionate kissing is permissible (i.e., a kiss on the cheek) Nudity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. **Profanity** Don’t use any profanity or vulgarity whatsoever. **Bullying/Hazing** Don't show bullying or hazing in a way that makes it look desirable or good.


It is imperative that each video adhere to current copyright laws, fair use guidelines, and creative commons attributions. Music used in a production should be properly attributed and/or licensed. Proof of license must be submitted with each entry. It’s the responsibility of the student producer(s) and their teacher/adviser to ensure proper use of music in their production(s). If, for whatever reason a video is blocked by YouTube or other video sharing site, it is the responsibility of the student and/or teacher to remedy the issue, otherwise the submission will not be judged. Failure to produce proof of license will also result in a video being disqualified. Additionally, plagiarism is not accepted. Each video should be an original work. Do not “remake” a video exactly as it appears. Do not submit a re-edited version of a video that you didn’t shoot.


Entries will be submitted via FilmFreeway. Each school can submit unlimited entries per category. Each entry costs $10. All entries must be submitted by 6:00 PM MDT on the associated Submission Deadline. Late entries will not be accepted. Each entry must keep within the respective category time limits. Entries exceeding the time limitations will be disqualified. The time of a video is defined by its entire length, including any pre- or post-roll (countdowns, credits, black space, etc.).


Teachers/Advisers must not participate in any way on students’ entries other than in a strictly advisory capacity. Each production should be a reflection of the students' skills, not the teachers. While it is understood that educating students is critical to the role of a teacher, we ask that teachers/advisers not let students use/edit footage that was filmed by the teacher/adviser, let the teacher/adviser edit footage, setup gear for specific use (i.e., lighting for a specific shot). Showing students how to use something is obviously encouraged. ​Teachers are primarily responsible for the submission of videos, including the timing, content and accuracy of information associated each entry.