Uganda Film Festival is a five (5) day event that highlights and recognizes the various activities carried out by the Commission throughout the year. The activities include the Film Exhibition Market, Film Trainings, Film Forums & workshops, Film screenings and an Awards Gala night.

Cash Prizes
and other Prizes

This festival is an annual event and this year’s theme is “10 years of Harnessing the Uganda creative industry”.

The film festival will feature the following activities:
a) Screening of Film, movies, and TV series/Dramas etc.
The Commission through its partners i.e., Cinema halls, and TV stations will show/screen films made in Uganda. The idea is to have heavy visibility of Ugandan films/movies during the festival period.

b) Training /Workshops and Forums;
Experts with broad knowledge and experience of the film industry will be invited to carry out training and make keynote addresses on identified topics.
This will be for registered members on first come first serve basis. The registration forms are to be found on the UFF website.

c) Uganda Film Festival Awards
The festival will climax with an Awards Gala night where prizes shall be given out to outstanding performances for the different awards.

d) Regional outreaches
The festival is a national initiative and all regions of Uganda should be interested to participate in the different activities organised during the festival including screenings, trainings, workshops.

All films will be classified into the following genres;
a) Feature Films
Films works with a length of 60 minutes and above based on imagination and not necessarily fact.
b) Short Films
Film works with a running time of 59 minutes or less including the credits and based on imagination and not necessarily fact.
c) Documentary
Film works that are based on factual events or facts about a person(s) or place(s).
d) Animation
This genre will house all film works consisting of a series of Drawing, puppets; both computer and non-computer generated, to give the illusion of movement when projected in rapid sequence.
e) Television Drama/Series
A television drama/series is a show presented in a dramatic way and explores a range of genres from comedy, soap opera, science-fiction to costume drama and usually engages with issues of the day in an accessible fashion that an audience can connect with.

1. Best Cinematography
2. Best Costume Design
3. Best Production Design
4. Best Make-up
5. Best Sound Design
6. Best Screenplay
7. Best Student Film
8. Best Animation
9. Best Short Film
10. Best Feature Film
11. People’s Choice Award
12. Best Actor
13. Best Actress
14. Best Documentary
15. Best East African Feature Film.
16. Best Post-production/Editing
17. Best TV Drama/Series
18. Best Actor in a TV Drama
19. Best Actress in a TV Drama
20. Special Award/Life Achievement Award
21. Best Director
22. Best Supporting Actress.
23. Best Supporting Actor
24. Best Local Indigenous Language
25. Best International Feature Film

All films submitted should comply with the following;

3.5.1 WHERE TO SUBMIT & DEADLINES Submission deadline will be end of day 31st March 2023.
Through our online link

3.5.2 Submission Requirements
a) The film(s) for submission for festival should have been produced after May 2022 and must not have featured in any of the previous Uganda film festivals.
b) Films from any country other than East Africa will be accepted at the festival at a fee of 15 Dollars.
c) By virtue of submission of your film through film freeway to Uganda Film Festival, it will be consent to the festival terms and conditions as laid out in this information pack.
d) All feature films MUST submit a list with contacts of their main Cast and Crew members from the production. Failure to submit the required information may result into disqualification from the festival.

3.5.3 Eligibility of Films
To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:
 Animation (2 min+.)
 Short films (up to 45mins or less)
 Feature-length films (60+ min.)
 Documentary films (5+ min-40mins)
 TV Drama/Series: Producer submits (2 episodes only between 5Mins - 40 Mins)
 Student films: Post –graduate film works are excluded from submission in the student category for competition.

3.5.4 Other Regulations
 Participation in the 2022/2023 festival implies acceptance of the rules and regulations by filmmakers and producers.
 All selected films maybe screened or broadcasted in the selected media outlets on the discretion of the Festival organizing Committee.
 Films that were previously submitted to other festivals other than Uganda Film Festival are acceptable into the submission of Uganda Film Festival 2022/2023.

 There is NO SUBMISSION fees for film(s) from Uganda in the UFF 2022/2023 edition. Films from other countries other than East African countries will have to pay a fee of 15 Dollars.
 The film(s) submitted in their INDIGENOUS LANGUAGE should have ENGLISH subtitles.

Entries are accepted in the following formats:

Internet Link (URL)
You can submit your film by sending a downloadable link via Vimeo, YouTube, Drop Box or WeTransfer or via

If at anytime you change the URL and/or password it is your responsibility to inform us immediately.
With this option you do not need to send in a physical copy of your film(s).


Video Format Requirements:
Accepted File formats (endings): .mp4/.m4v/DCP
Recommended codecs: MJPEG, Apple ProsRes, H264
Resolution: HD material 1920x1080px and above

Audio Format Requirements:
48 kHz sound PCM (only uncompressed)

File Specifications:
We only accept multiplexed files (i.e. with audio, video, and subtitles in a single file). Your film file should not exceed 4GB.
You can upload a film with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080 pixels (HD), as long as it does not exceed 4GB.

a) When you send in your film, it’s a must to provide a digital copy for archiving, screening and adjudication purposes.

b) You are required to thoroughly test your film before submission for Festival.

3.7 The following shall not be accepted at the Festival:
• Trailers as substitute for your film for selection purposes;
• Work-in-progress.
3.8 Return of Materials
Any material submitted will not be returned but will instead be stored in the Uganda Film Festival Archives by UCC.

3.9 Selection of Films
The selected films for screening and those nominated for the competing categories will be publicized by 1st May 2023.

If you have not heard from the festival organizers by then it means your film has not been selected.

3.10 Requirements If Your Film is selected for UFF 2022/2023;

3.10.1 Publicity Materials
You will be required and must submit publicity materials including, but not limited to: filmmaker biography, trailers, images, posters, clips and an electronic press kit. All publicity materials are to be sent at the sender’s expense by the deadlines provided at the time of selection.

3.10.2Scheduling The scheduling and the timetabling of both public screenings and press screenings of films is at the sole discretion of the festival and their decision is final and irrevocable. The date(s), time(s) and location(s) of exhibitions of the films shall be at the discretion of the Festival organizers.

-Short Films
-Student Films (Undergraduate and Below)
-Feature Films
-TV series


Overall Rating
  • Kevin Johns Nabukenya

    Thanks to the organizers of UFF2022, the event was colorful, walking home with the Viewer's choice award was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, thank you Uff, can't wait to be part next time

    November 2022
  • Savannah Moon

    Great festival and opportunities for both Ugandan and international films!

    September 2022
  • Haresh Vyas

    Un Organized, zero communication festival, received notification of Nominee then nothing happened, not a single word. May they give importance to only Ugandan film makers.

    July 2022
  • Kennedy Kihire

    Great strides. Amazing selection of films and opportunities for filmmakers share their work with the world.

    July 2022
  • Louis Rockhead

    With a growing film industry, it is a step in the right direction as more is done on improving the organization, effective official communications and transparency. Thank you.

    June 2022