The University Film and Video Foundation (UFVF) Faculty Research and Production Award enriches and supports the work of University Film and Video Association (UFVA) member scholars, media-makers and scriptwriters by providing financial support for continued scholarly and/or artistic achievement. Applicants should have a clear research/artistic trajectory that will be supported by this competitive grant.


Application must be submitted as one PDF file with clearly labeled elements.
(regardless of your project type, you can choose "Film" as your project type and submit the PDF as a separate file/attachment, or you can choose "Script" or "VR/XR" as your project type to be able to upload a PDF. Judges will use the PDF tojudge your entry.)

1.) Cover Sheet—including project title, log line or 2 sentence abstract, and name/title/institution of applicant

2.) 2-page Condensed CV—including links to portfolio or previous works (please limit prior example works to a maximum of three)

3.) Narrative Proposal (maximum 500 words) – Clearly describe your project. This should include a summary of the goals and intended outcomes of the project, the portion that this award is intended to fund (development, archival research, production costs, etc), and a clear articulation as to how your project will generate meaningful, concrete results within a reasonable timeframe.

4.) Project Timeline –Provide a timeline for your total project, including what work will be accomplished during the award period. (One page maximum)

5.) Proposed Budget – Include a detailed 1-page budget summary that maps out the total costs of the project, highlighting what portion that this award will fund. (One page maximum)

Award Amount:
UFVF will provide a limited number of awards of up to $5000. Proposals in the following areas are eligible for support by this award:

• Scholarly research or materials for peer review publication submission and/or public presentation;

• Scripts/Screenplays (research or materials for feature, documentary, short, pilot, episodic)

• Creative Research and Scholarship (pre-production research, look books, sizzle reels, trailers);

• Media Arts Productions (work of all media genres or forms for peer review and/or distribution/exhibition, including emergent and immersive modes);

• Post-production and marketing/distribution.

Applications must be submitted to FilmFreeway by April 3.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Applicants must be a current Individual, Special or Lifetime UFVA ( member in good standing at the time of application (applicants who do not meet this criterion will be automatically disqualified);

• Those who teach at any rank are eligible (as well as those not currently employed to teach), however students currently in a degree program are not eligible;

• Applicants must be an originating artist on the application (Director, Producer, Writer, Scholar or Creator);

• Applicants may submit no more than one application per fiscal year;

• Applicants may not serve on the Award Selection Committee, nor be a Trustee of the Foundation while applying;

• Applicants must have made at least one recognized contribution to their discipline through a public presentation and/or professional, competitive peer review of their work (media festival, awards, recognized journal);

• Applicants must demonstrate a consistent high-aesthetic level of artistic ability in past work, or provide evidence of continued commitment to serious and exceptional aesthetic/scholarly investigation in their chosen medium or field;

• Applicants must submit all requested application materials before the stated deadline;

• Students (i.e. those who are are not eligible to apply for this award.

Award Period:
Recipients of awards will be notified in late spring/early summer, and awards will be announced at the annual UFVA conference. Recipients must make a progress report to the President of UFVF by January 15 of the following year, and present the results of their work at a subsequent UFVA conference. (Travel to and accommodation at the UFVA conference are not included as part of this award.)

Taxability of Award
The Internal Revenue Code provides that the full amount of the UFVF Faculty Research and Production Award is considered taxable income to its recipient. For questions regarding income-tax liability, contact the Internal Revenue Service or a personal tax advisor.

Award Selection Committee
The Award Selection Committee, composed of UFVF Trustees and Advisors, will make the selection of each year’s award winner(s). Determinations of the Award Selection Committee are final. The Award Selection Committee will be looking for high-quality proposals with feasible, sustainable project goals that are well-planned and likely to succeed within the funding cycle.

The UFVF Faculty Research and Production Award supports:

• Travel for necessary research and production (at most economical rates);

• Essential research or archival materials (books, journals, digital resources) unavailable through campus sources;

• Essential supplies, labor and materials for artistic work (i.e. composers, motion graphics, etc.);

• Performance and clearance costs and fees (fees for professional actors or musicians; staging; performance/publishing rights; space rental; legal fees; festival entry fees); (applicants may not pay themselves for labor costs);

• Computer software and online licensing that is essential to the research process and/or production of the creative/and or scholarly work;

• Technology or equipment rental and/or purchase necessary to support the production, documentation, research collection; and/or to preserve and collect data/footage (i.e. film stock; lenses; 3D printers; external hard drives; web hosting);

• Publication costs (typing, editing, graphics, transcriptions; indexing; illustrations, reproduction fees, publicity materials, translation, etc.);