The Turks and Caicos are a group of islands on the edge of the Caribbean with some of the best beaches and reefs in the world.

As an island nation, we are on the front line of climate change, though fortunately our reef system is healthy and our water is crystal clear.

We want to keep it that way.

Our festival will celebrate film-makers who are making a difference to the environment and promoting an understanding of ocean conservation issues.

There are awards for projects made by local film-makers and awards given specifically to invited guests.

There will be no jury as such but audience awards are made to films selected by attendees

We are interested in submissions from any film-maker whose subject is environmental change. We have an obvious and specific interest in material about the oceans but we want to encourage debate and enthusiasm for story telling in this field, drama and factual, so that anything that deals with the wider environment will be considered. We are also interested in films about the oceans from all perspectives not just environmental.

There are no restrictions on length nor on a film's previous release history. We are looking at any relevant film from the past couple of years.