Denmark is the frontrunner in tackling climate change. As for any other topics, we believe the film industry must also take its part. That is why five years ago, we founded Polar Bear International Film Festival (PBIFF), which, as far as we know, is the first film festival in the world that is solely centered on the subject of climate change.
Our mission is to bring the public closer to the subject through documentaries, fiction, and animated films. (we received over 1800 films from over 100 countries in 2021.) The festival crosses genre and country borders but also generations to illuminate the greatest challenge of our time.
This year in cooperation with the schools in Copenhagen, we also added a category for children/adolescents, where they will have the opportunity to comment on the films in a subsequent debate around the subject. We are hoping children/adolescents worldwide are able to participate in our festival to engage and discuss the subject more and to have a broader perspective on this matter.
In addition to the main program about climate change, climate activist politicians, artists, and poets are invited to contribute to the PBIFF in 2022. It will be talks and discussions, and that in itself becomes a springboard for further discussions and sharing the ideas.

The festival's primary purpose is thus to establish Copenhagen as a center for international art that is oriented around the environment and climate change.


Receive Laurel Polar Bear+ Certificate


Best Film of The CLIMATE CHANGE category :
The winner will receive Laurel Polar Bear+ Certificate + Statue

Best Film of The CLIMATE CHANGE FOR CHILDREN category:
The winner will receive Laurel Polar Bear + Certificate + Statue

All submissions should be made exclusively through FilmFreeway.

The length of the CLIMATE CHANGE films will be up to 20 minutes (including credits). We only accept fiction, documentary, and animation (no experimental, music video, and others). All films in the CLIMATE CHANGE category should have English subtitles. ***movies should be about CLIMATE CHANGE.***

The length of the CLIMATE CHANGE FOR CHILDREN films will be up to 20 minutes (including credits). We only accept fiction, documentary, and animation (no experimental, music video, and others). ***All films in the CLIMATE CHANGE FOR CHILDREN category should have English subtitles. ***movies should be about CLIMATE CHANGE FOR CHILDREN .***

Films should be supported in video formats MOV, mp4, MPEG with at least HD resolution and frame rate 24 fps, 25 fps, or 30 fps.

All themes of movies will be accepted except for pornographic, offensive, and the ones advertising violence.

Any person or any legal entity may participate regardless of nationality. There is no restriction on the number of projects registered per participant.

Every submission has to pick one main category; otherwise, it will be automatically disqualified from the selection.

Films after the 2015 completion date are eligible for submission, and if that has previously been submitted to the festival will not be accepted.

We accept only online submissions. Please provide a password if the film is password protected.

Only one film will be awarded Best Film of the category.

All films must have a photo of the director as well as their biography, and a synopsis in English, and a photo of the film. All photos should be print-quality.

Filmmaker or Sender must have full copyright and permission for a public screening of a film and any part of it. The festival is not responsible for any claims related to copyright and property rights, trademarks, financial losses, and liabilities.

Any income received from the public display of your movie (ticket sales during the public screening, advertising on websites, and revenue from sponsors or any other monetization associated with a public demonstration of a film) belongs to the film festival.

That if your film is selected, it cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

The festival reserves the right to introduce any changes in the rules and schedule of the festival, without prior notification to directors, senders, and any festival participants.

The jury may consist of professional filmmakers and creative people (writers, artists, etc.). The judge has no right to submit his movie to the competition. The judge also has no right to vote for the movies produced by their relatives. If this fact becomes known, the film will be disqualified, and the judge will be excluded.

The cost of travel and accommodation is the filmmaker's responsibility, and the festival does not cover it.

Filmmaker or Sender authorizes the festival's organization to use clips up to three minutes for promotional reasons.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the regulations.

Overall Rating
  • A festival well worth a visit; the staff is extremely friendly, and it's set in a beautiful venue - Cinemateket. I'm glad I was able to visit it in person and talk to all the other filmmakers. The theme of the festival is now as relevant as ever and I think that it provides a great opportunity for (young) filmmakers to share their views.

    September 2021
  • Luqman Qasemi

    Hi. It was great for me. Thanks to the organizers. The location of the festival was great and the quality of the films was shown with the quality of the world standard, and I enjoyed watching the films.

    September 2021
  • Yu Chen

    Great honour to be part of the festival! excellent communication! great event!Thanks!

    September 2021
  • Carlo Mihail Ilie

    It was a pleasure to be a part of the festival! Lovely people, with open-minded thinking. It was well run and Copenhagen is really beautiful!

    September 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much for your feedback. It was a fantastic time to have you at our festival this year. We see forward to have you again in Copenhagen with us for next year.

  • It was great to be chosen for the first time with my shortfilm!
    Great hospitality, hope newer editions will be super popular!

    September 2019
    Response from festival:

    It was a great honor for us to have your film in Tulipoff.iff in 2019