Tucson Terrorfest is Southern Arizona’s only Horror Film Festival, and now Horror Convention. Its our mission to showcase and celebrate the best of horror films from all over the world. We focus on the artistic, aesthetic, and fun side of independent horror filmmaking. We bring Tucson & Southern Arizona a terrifying mix of features and shorts that will give chills up your spine. Along with the convention that will run Oct. 19th to 22nd 2023.

The Tucson Terrorfest will showcase premieres, exclusives, and one-time-only screenings of some of the best and newest horror films from around the globe:

• Horrifying shorts and feature films from new filmmakers
• Q&A’s with horror filmmakers, actors, and special guests
• Retrospective and vintage horror film screenings
• Frightening international cinema
• Banned and edgy late night horror films
• Awards for the best of horror filmmaking

Tucson Terrorfest is now an awards festival. We will be giving out an award for
Best Horror Feature
Best Horror Short
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor

Foreign language films must be dubbed or subtitled in English. You can include press kits or any other materials for your film. We have no film premiere requirements or date of completion requirements. Over 60 minutes for features and under 60 minutes for shorts. The festival selection committee makes all programming decisions. If accepted we will notify filmmakers by email by October 1st, most times earlier.

Overall Rating
  • Our initial involvement with Tucson Terrorfest seemed very promising. We were grateful for their selection of our film and initial communication was prompt.
    Unfortunately, after the fest dates passed, things changed. We reached out to them for a list of their award winners, as they have not posted it anywhere on social media or their website. Despite multiple messages sent to their e-mails and Facebook account, they have not responded. In fact, we have no idea if they even followed through and presented awards.
    Of course, we don't make films to get awards. But when we have to decide which festivals we dedicate submission fees to, the chance to win awards (and build awareness for our movie) is a determining factor. So, when a festival such as Tucson Terrorfest claims to be an awards festival with multiple categories and then not only doesn't announce awards but also evades any contact from us, we take issue with their lack of transparency and misrepresentation.
    FYI, this festival's director also runs the Arizona Underground Film Festival, so be aware you may run into the same issues involving yourself with that event.

    November 2021
  • Helpful staff. Thanks for all

    November 2020
  • This festival is very supportive of new Arizona filmmakers. I am extremely grateful I was able to premiere *Devil’s Claw* a short found footage horror film I directed in Tucson, Arizona at the Tucson Terrorfest!

    October 2018